CoinEx Partner Application

Introduction to CoinEx Partner

CoinEx partners are important overseas operating partners of CoinEx, and are deeply involved in the market operation of the exchange. CoinEx pays attention to the individual development of each partner. Through professional training and career development design, it helps stimulate the vitality of organizations and individuals, and helps each partner and CoinEx grow together. Under the guidance of "Via Blockchain, Making the World a Better Place", CoinEx team is currently recruiting outstanding partners around the world to jointly expand overseas markets and build a global business ecosystem for the purpose of win-win cooperation.


What CoinEx Partners Can Get

The most cutting-edge opportunities to participate in the development of the blockchain industry, and jointly build blockchain world influence in the local market.

1. Salary: Competitive salary during the tenure.

2. Resource: The opportunity to be the official representative to participate in local offline activities, and share official resources.

3. Training: Blockchain industry knowledge sharing, career skill training, diversified career development instructions.


Becoming CoinEx Partner

1. View the job list in CoinEx Partner and see the jobs you are interested in.

2. Send CV to Email:

3. CV title: name + post position

4. CoinEx official staff will contact you after your CV is reviewed. The final result will be announced after 2 rounds of comprehensive evaluation.