What Should I Do If I Can't Receive the Withdrawal Confirmation Email

If you are unable to receive withdrawal confirmation emails sent from CoinEx, please try the instructions below to find the problem:

1. Make sure that you are logged in to the email address registered for your CoinEx account.

2. Make sure your registered email address is correct.

3. Check if your email service provider working normally. You can check the email server settings to confirm that there isn’t any security conflict caused by your firewall or antivirus software.

4. Check whether the email reaches the capacity limit, which will prevent you from sending or receiving emails normally. You can delete the old emails to free up some space for the new emails.

5. Check whether the device for receiving emails and the device network are normal.

6. Try to find the withdrawal confirmation emails in the spam or other folders.

If the email service provider has put the CoinEx emails into your spam folder, try whitelisting our email addresses. You can refer to How to Set Up Email Whitelist for CoinEx Account to set it up.

The email addresses to be included in the whitelist:




7. Reset/change the bound email

If you still can't receive the withdrawal confirmation emails after whitelisting emails from CoinEx, it is recommended to reset/change your email to mainstream emails such as Gmail and Outlook. For more details, please refer to How to Reset/Change Email.



1. If the withdrawal confirmation email is no longer valid, you can click [Resend Email] on the withdrawal details page. After receiving the email, please follow the instructions to complete the withdrawal confirmation.

2. If none of the provided solutions worked, please submit a ticket for further assistance. When submitting a ticket, please include the model of the device (cell phone or computer), operating system (iOS, Android), type of network used (Wi-Fi/4G), and other information. We will deal with your issue as soon as possible after receiving your ticket.