What is Financial Bonus Voucher

Financial Bonus Voucher is a voucher gifted to users by CoinEx exchange. By using the voucher, you can choose any asset in your Financial account and earn incomes with APY bonus of the corresponding asset.


How to get Financial Bonus Voucher?

Step 1: Enter the Voucher Center to claim your voucher

1. After logging in to your account on the CoinEx official website (https://www.coinex.com), click [Voucher Center] in the [Account] drop-down menu. The number displayed next to [Voucher Center] is the number of vouchers you can currently use, while blank means that there aren't any vouchers available.



2. Enter the [Voucher Center]. If there is any Financial bonus voucher available, click [Claim] to get it. 

Or, you can use the code and click [Redeem Voucher] in the upper right corner to get it.


Step 2: Activate Financial Bonus Voucher

After claiming, click [Activate Now] in the pop-up window to use it. You can also go to [My Vouchers] to check the vouchers you got. Please do remember to [Activate] the voucher during its validity.


Step 3: Transfer assets to Financial Account

1. After activating the voucher, click [Transfer Now].


2. Choose the asset in your Financial account for APY bonus.


3. Confirm the asset info for APY bonus income. Please make sure to transfer the corresponding assets to Financial Account in advance. If the Bonus Amount indicates 0, click [Transfer Now] in the pop-up window.


Note: The applicable rules for each voucher may vary. You can click the arrow below to check its validity period, applicable asset, bonus term and other related info.


FAQ about Financial Bonus Voucher

Q1: How to get Financial Bonus Voucher?

A1: Financial Bonus Voucher is a voucher that's randomly distributed to users by CoinEx. Upon receiving, users will be notified via email, message, etc, or you can redeem it with a valid redeem code.


Q2: Which assets in the Financial account can be used for bonus interests?

A2: Each Financial Bonus Voucher is only applicable to ONE asset in your Financial Account per time. You need to select the corresponding asset when using the bonus voucher, and ensure that this asset in the Financial account is > 0.


Q3: How to transfer assets to the Financial account?

A3: You can click [Transfer Now] after the Financial Bonus Voucher is activated. Or deposit more to [Assets] and transfer them from [Spot Account] to [Financial Account].


Q4: How to calculate the bonus interest?

A4: The daily income with APY bonus = Selected asset in Financial account * Added APY / 365, while the total income with APY bonus does not exceed the maximum APY of the corresponding voucher.


Q5: How can I check my APY bonus?

A5: Both your financial income and income with APY bonus will be allocated to your account at the same timeframe. For details, please go to [Financial Account]. Learn more about Financial Account.