What is Cashback Voucher

Cashback Vouchers are vouchers gifted to users by the CoinEx platform. With Cashback Voucher, you can get the trading fee cashback, after completing trading in selected markets within the validity period of the coupons.


How to get Cashback Voucher?

Step 1: Enter the Voucher Center to claim or redeem vouchers

1. After logging in to your account on the CoinEx official website (https://www.coinex.com), click [Voucher Center] in the [Account] drop-down menu. The number displayed next to [Voucher Center] is the vouchers you can currently claim or use.



2. Enter [Voucher Center]. If there is any cashback voucher available for claiming, you can click [Claim] to get it. 


3. If you have already got the code, you can redeem it in [Account] - [Voucher Center] and click [Redeem Voucher] in the upper right corner.

Or click here, and enter the code to redeem.



Step 2: Activate the voucher

After claiming, click [Activate Now] in the pop-up window to use it.

You can also go to [My Voucher] to check the vouchers you have claimed, and click [Activate Now] within the activation validity.


Step 3: Make trades

1. After the activation is successful, click [Trade Now].



2. If you successfully trade in any selected markets, you can get the cashback of the corresponding trading fee on the next day. The cashback is updated daily, and you can check the cashback status in the progress bar below.


Note: The rules applicable to each voucher are different. You can click the arrow below to view the relevant information, such as the cashback amount, applicable markets, and validity period.



FAQs about Cashback Vouchers

Q1: How to get Cashback Voucher for trading fee bonus?

A1: The Cashback Voucher is a random bonus gifted by CoinEx official to users. Voucher winners will be notified via email, messages, etc to claim the voucher. You can also redeem it with a valid code.


Q2: Which are the applicable markets for cashback vouchers?

A2: There are 3 types of cashback vouchers and only trading fees from applicable markets are eligible for cashback.

(1) Applicable to all markets: Spot/Swap (AMM excluded) or Futures markets.

(2) Applicable to Spot markets: Spot/Swap (AMM excluded) markets.

(3) Applicable to Futures markets: Any Linear or Inverse Futures trading.

Note: The cashback vouchers are not applicable in Strategic Trading.


Q3: How to calculate the cashback bonus?

A3: The cashback trading fee will be calculated according to the rate at 0:00 (UTC) on the next day of trading, and will be allocated around 1:00 (UTC). If the cashback quota is used up or the validity period expires, the cashback voucher cannot be used any longer. In addition, the trading fee of the sub-account will not be counted as cashback.


Q4: How can I check my cashback bonus?

A4: The cashback trading fee will be allocated to your Spot account. You can check the details in [Asset History].


Q5: I have multiple cashback vouchers, can I use them at the same time?

A5: CoinEx currently does not support using multiple cashback vouchers at the same time. If you have claimed multiple cashback vouchers at the same time, you need to choose the order of activation and use within the validity period. If there is already an unused cashback voucher, you can use this cashback voucher as soon as possible before activating and using other vouchers.

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