What's Auto-Invest Plan

What is Auto-Invest Plan?

CoinEx Auto-Invest Plan is a trading strategy that helps you automatically accumulate crypto assets via preset investment and recurring cycles. The advantages are as follows:


1. Accumulate and grow assets regularly

No need to raise large sums of money, you can use the idle assets to buy cryptos via Auto-Invest Plan, and accumulate a considerable amount of wealth by making regular and fixed investments.


2. Diversify costs and risks

The key to a successful investment is to "buy low and sell high", that is, to gain from the best buying and selling points when investing. For the Auto-Invest Plan, the assets are invested in various stages with different costs, and these small but frequent purchases can help lower your average cost and diversify risks.


3. Carefree of investment timing

For long-term investments, the Auto-Invest Plan can reduce costs and diversify risks - You don't need to analyze the entry point, calculate the buying price, or adjust long-term investment decisions for short-term market fluctuations.


4. Automatic deduction, simple and convenient

After the Auto-Invest Plan is created, the system will automatically deduct the investment cost from your Spot account and submit an order, according to your preset investment amount and cycle. No more operation is required, making investment easier.


How to create an Auto-Invest Plan?

Step 1: Visit CoinEx official website (https://www.coinex.com), log in to your account, and select [Strategic Trading] under [Finance] in the top-left corner.



Step 2: Click [Create Strategy] on the page of [Strategy Trading].



Note: If you are creating a trading strategy for the first time, please read and agree to the risk reminder first.



Step 3: Select the market, set the [Recurring cycle], [Repeats on local time], [Investment per Cycle], and other parameters to create a strategy. After clicking [Create]-[Confirm] your Auto-Invest Plan will be created successfully.




Step 4: After the creation is successful, the system will run the Auto-Invest Plan according to the pre-set parameters. You can view your strategy on [My Strategy] page.



Step 5: Click [Details] on the page of [My Strategy] to view more info.


Step 6: On the [Details] page, you can also select [End Strategy], [Invest Now], [Suspend Strategy], and [Edit Parameters] as needed.

Note: Select [Invest Now], the system will execute one cycle of investment immediately according to the set amount, and will not affect your Auto-Invest Plan.




Q1: Where is the investment amount of the Auto-Invest Plan deducted from?

A1: The investment amount of the Auto-Invest Plan comes from your available balance in the Spot account. Please make sure that your spot balance is sufficient.


Q2: What will happen if my spot balance available is insufficient when executing the Auto-Invest Plan?

A2: (1) If your spot balance is insufficient, the Auto-Invest Plan will not be executed for the cycle, and you will be notified to add more assets via in-site messages and Email. At this time, the overall strategy and the execution of the next cycle are NOT affected. 

(2) If the Auto-Invest strategy fails for 5 consecutive cycles due to insufficient balance, the system will suspend the strategy, and you will need to restart the strategy manually.


Q3: What are the minimum and maximum limits for each cycle of auto investment?

A3: The minimum amount for each cycle of auto investment is 1 USDT, and the maximum limit varies depending on each market. Please refer to the Auto-Invest page for details.


Q4: Will each and every cycle of auto investment be completely executed?

A4: Affected by market depth, each cycle of the auto investment may not be fully executed (For example, assume the investment per cycle is set to 10 USDT, but only 8 USDT is executed). You'll be notified of the Auto-Invest result via in-site messages and Email, or you can see more info on the [Details] page.


Q5: Is there any additional fee for auto investment?

A5: Auto investment only charges the trading fee for the actual transaction (same as the Spot Trading Fees), and does not charge any additional fees. Using CET for fee deduction is not supported.


Q6: How many Auto-Invest Plans can each user create?

A6: Each user can create up to 20 runnings (including suspended strategies) in Auto-Invest Plan, Spot Grid, etc.