How to Buy Cryptos via OnRamp

What should I do before using OnRamp on CoinEx?

1. Register your CoinEx account and bind 2FA (Two-factor Authentication) 

You need to register a CoinEx account and bind 2FA before using OnRamp. Please check out the step-by-step guide here:

How to Register and Log In to Your CoinEx Account

How to Bind 2FA (Two-factor Authentication) 

2. Log in to OnRamp account and complete ID verification

You need to log in to your OnRamp account and complete ID verification before using OnRamp. Please check out the step-by-step guide here: 

KYC Tiers for Users

Basic KYC


OnRamp Support

If you've encountered any issues when using OnRamp, please refer to the FAQ or submit a ticket for further assistance.


How to buy cryptos via OnRamp?

1. Visit CoinEx Official Website (, log in to your account, and click [Fiat] at the top navigation bar.


2. Click [Buy], select the fiat currency INR and the cryptocurrency you want to buy, then select OnRamp and click [Buy]. (Take USDT as an example.)

Note: Currently, OnRamp supports purchasing USDT and ETH.


3. Enter the purchase amount, and then click [Confirm Purchase].

Note: There are minimum and maximum order limits on OnRamp. Please adjust your buying amount accordingly.


4. Read the "Attention" notes carefully, and click [Got it and visit now] to access the OnRamp website.


5. Enter your Phone number to get the 6-digit OTP code, then click [Verify] and log in to the OnRamp account.


6. Double-check the payment details and select the payment method.


7. Click on the [I HAVE PAID] button after completing the payment.


8. After the purchase is successful, you can return to CoinEx and check your [Deposit Records].



1. Reference Price displayed on CoinEx is an estimated number. The final price is subject to the price quoted by OnRamp. 

2. After purchasing, you can log in to your OnRamp account to check the Buy history or track the deposit status under the Deposit Records on CoinEx.

3. If you've encountered any issues during the purchasing process, please contact OnRamp customer support for further assistance.