Introduction to CoinEx Broker Rules

CoinEx has launched the "API Broker" cooperation program to meet the different trading experiences of global users.


Our broker customers

  • Exchanges
  • Trading bots
  • Asset management platforms
  • Wallet providers
  • Copy trading platforms
  • Social trading communities


Exclusive broker privileges on CoinEx

  • Rebate ratio starting from 40%, available to all brokers.
  • 3 months of unconditional rebate period for new brokers.
  • Access the liquidity and depth of the entire CoinEx platform.
  • Utilize CoinEx's strong risk management systems and technical support.


Become API broker

  • Using CoinEx's integrated API service, you can seamlessly connect your customers to all trading services on CoinEx in just a few steps.
  • The CoinEx platform, brokers, and users work by binding API keys - Each broker will get a unique Broker ID, so that when a user trades under a broker, this broker sends the orders to CoinEx orderbook using the user's API key with the Broker ID, and get the rebates from the trading fees of the corresponding orders.


1. CoinEx broker application

(1) Log in to your CoinEx account, and go to the broker page. Click here to fill out the application form >>

(2) After submitting the form, we will review your application in 3-5 business days. Once approved after review, your exclusive support manager will contact you to get fully set up.


2. Rebate rules

(1) The broker rebates are calculated based on the user's trading volume under the broker according to the actual situation and rebate ratio.

(2) Rebate scope: Orders submitted and traded via API service. The trading volume of manual orders will not be included in broker rebates.

(3) Settlement time: The broker rebates are settled daily, allocated to the broker's spot account from 1:00-3:00 (UTC), subject to the actual time of update on CoinEx.


Broker integration procedures

1. Use CoinEx public API for integration

(1) Endpoint list:


POST /order/limit - Place limit orders

POST /order/market - Place market orders

POST /order/stop/limit - Place stop limit orders

POST /order/stop/market - Place stop market orders


POST:/perpetual/v1/order/put_limit - Place limit orders

POST:/perpetual/v1/order/put_market - Place market orders

POST:/perpetual/v1/order/put_stop_limit - Place stop limit orders

POST:/perpetual/v1/order/put_stop_market - Place stop market orders

Remark: broker_id is not required for the rest of endpoints. Please follow the instructions of Public API documentation.


(2) Write the Broker ID on the client_id field and place an order.




   "access_id": "4DA36FFC61334695A66F8D29020EB589",

   "tonce": 1513746038205,

   "market": "ETHUSDT",

   "type": "buy",

   "price": "1100",

   "amount": "1",

   "account_id": 0,

   "client_id": "109999999",

   "source_id": "source1",

   "hide": true,

   "option": "NORMAL"



(3) For more rebate details, go to the broker's rebate page.


2. Create and authorize API for OAuth-integrated brokers

(1) Introduction to authorization code flow

  • The authorization code flow supports integration with both app and web applications. It presents an authorization page to the user. 
  • Once the third-party application obtains the user's authorization code, it can exchange it for an access token and use it to call the CoinEx OpenAPI to access the user's authorized data resources.



(2) Introduction to OAuth Broker

  • With CoinEx OAuth2, users can authorize trading in third-party applications with just one click. No need for users to provide API keys or login passwords.
  • Currently, CoinEx supports authorization based on the OAuth2.0 protocol using the authorization code flow.


(3) Integration preparation and steps

  • Register an account on the CoinEx official website and apply to become a broker.
  • Before integration, you need to apply to become an OAuth broker. A dedicated account manager will provide you with the relevant development documentation, and help you fully set up.
  • After your broker application is approved, you will receive an email notification containing the `client_id` and `client_secret`.
  • Set a label for your broker rebate. When placing orders, the `broker_id` must be included in the `client_id` field as an identifier for rebate order statistics.


Broker FAQ

1. Is there a difference between new and old broker rebates when placing orders?

A: No, all users, regardless of new and old, can get rebates when trading via API.


2. What are the requirements to become a broker?

A: If you need to connect with the liquidity and market depth on CoinEx, and build your crypto portfolio using CoinEx technology, you are welcome to apply.


3. What’s the rebate rate for CoinEx brokers?

A: The rebate ratio on CoinEx is 40%. For higher rebate rates, please contact your account manager.


Fill in the application and become CoinEx broker >>