What is Futures Aid Fund

The Futures Aid Fund is a voucher gifted by CoinEx. 

With the Futures Aid Fund, you can receive a cashback the following day if you trade in specified markets within the voucher's validity and encounter actual closing losses on the same day. The cashback amount will be a percentage of the losses incurred, but it will not exceed the face value of the voucher.


How to Claim and Use Futures Aid Fund

Step 1: Claim/Redeem in Voucher Center

1. Visit CoinEx official website (https://www.coinex.com), log in to your account, and select [Voucher Center] under [Account] in the top-right corner.



2. Enter [Voucher Center] and click [Claim] if there's an available Futures Aid Fund.


3. If you have a code, simply go to [Voucher Center] in the [Account] section, and click [Redeem Voucher] in the top right corner.


Step 2: Activate the Fund

1. After claiming, go to [My Voucher] to check the voucher, and click [Activate Now] within the activation validity.


Step 3: Start Trading

1. After activation, click [Trade Now] before the expiration date, or directly go to the corresponding trading page.


2. Make trades in the specified futures markets. If you experience actual loss after closing the position, you will receive a cashback the following day, calculated as a percentage of your losses. The cashback amount won't exceed the face value of the voucher.

Please review the usage rules for the expiration date and cashback percentage of the Futures Aid Fund.


FAQ about Futures Aid Fund

Q1: How can I claim Futures Aid Fund?

A1: Go to [Voucher Center] under [Account] and manually claim within the validity. For App users, please update the App to the latest version.


Q2: When can I claim the Futures Aid Fund?

A2: The Futures Aid Fund is a random bonus released by CoinEx. Users will be notified via email, on-site messages, etc.


Q3: Does the Futures Aid Fund have specific usage areas?

A3: The Futures Aid Fund applies to the futures trading markets. For details, please refer to the usage rules of the Futures Aid Fund.


Q4: Is there a time limit for using the Futures Aid Fund?

A4: The validity period of the Futures Aid Fund may vary, depending on the specific distribution scenario. Please activate and use the aid fund as soon as you receive it. After expiration, the aid fund will become invalid.


Q5: Why haven't I received the Futures Aid Fund even though I've met the cashback requirements?

A5: There might be a slight delay in statistics. Please check again later. If the reward is not issued for an extended period, please submit a ticket to contact us.