Introduction to CoinEx Dibs

About CoinEx Dibs

1. Users who meet the requirements can take part in the CoinEx Dibs events, that is to buy a set amount of cryptos at a discount price and get a seven-digit draw number after a successful purchase.

  • The discount price is calculated by multiplying the closing price of the crypto's candlestick chart 10 minutes before the purchase starts by (100% - discount). The chart is updated every minute.
  • The specific discount is subject to each event.

2. Once the Dibs event is over, we'll take the last Bitcoin block hash generated before the event ends and set it as the random seed.

3. The seed will be input into Python3's random function to draw a specified amount of lucky numbers.

4. Details of the lottery algorithm:

5. Agreement: CoinEx Dibs Term of Use Agreement



Q1: How often will CoinEx Dibs events be held?

A1: CoinEx will host a Dibs event monthly or irregularly depending on our branding and publicity schedules. Please stay tuned to our announcements for the latest updates.


Q2: Why does it say I don't meet the requirements for a CoinEx Dibs event?

A2: Each Dibs event has different requirements, such as completing KYC, becoming a VIP, or holding certain assets. Once you meet all specified requirements, you can participate in the lucky draw.


Q3: Under what circumstances will rewards be revoked?

A3: CoinEx has a zero-tolerance policy towards cheating or reward manipulation. Any form of cheating or reward manipulation during the event will result in the revocation of rewards.