CET Introduction and Repurchase

What is CoinEx Token (CET)?

Issued in January 2018, CoinEx Token (CET) is a value-added services & privileges scheme based on CoinEx’s business ecosystem. CET is issued on Ethereum ERC20 protocol and has been migrated to our self-innovated CoinEx Smart Chain (coinex.org) acting as gas.

How to get CET?

1. Referral Rewards: Refer your friends to trade in CoinEx and you will get CET as rewards

2. Buy CET: Go to the trading page and buy CET with mainstream cryptos such as BTC, USDT, etc.

3. CET promotion: CoinEx holds promotions from time to time, please stay tuned for our official announcements and official communities.

CET Values

 1. Deducted as trading fees: CET can be deducted directly as trading fees with the same market value at the dedicated discounts.

2. VIP services and privileges: Users with a certain amount of CET holding can obtain VIP membership and enjoy privileges such as fees discount, withdrawal acceleration, exclusive customer service, etc.

3. Exclusive promotional privileges: CET holders are entitled to special qualifications for promotional campaigns on CoinEx, such as airdrop incentives, potential projects subscription, etc.

4. CoinEx Smart Chain: As a built-in token for CoinEx Smart Chain to circulate and act as gas, CET is based on the POS consensus protocol, decentralized, and energy-efficient, making it easy to build your own decentralized applications.

Stay tuned for more applications: Aside from circulating within CoinEx Ecosystem, CET application will be extended and applicable to scenarios such as payments, etc.

CET Repurchase & Burning 

Since its release, CET has been issued and circulated via airdrop incentives, trading fee discounts, promotions, team unlocking, etc. Meanwhile, according to the applications of CET, CoinEx will repurchase and burn CET every day with 50% of its trading fee income, and burn all the CET repurchased monthly at the end of each month, until the total supply of CET reduces to 3 billion.

Combining users’ feedback and careful consideration, on March 12, 2021, CoinEx decided to use 20% of its fee income for CET repurchasing and burning until CET is completely burned when the “3 billion” target is achieved. Please refer to CET Repurchase Rules.

CET Ecosystem

1. Crypto Trading: Supported by the proprietary high-speed matching engine, the crypto-crypto exchange of CoinEx will list more quality coins/tokens, continue to perfect user experience and liquidity, and serve more users globally.

2. Derivatives Trading: CoinEx derivatives trading platform provides professional users with high leverage trading and hedging services, including futures perpetual contracts, crypto loans, etc. More innovative and competitive contract products are also in the pipeline.

3. Decentralized Exchange: Decentralized trading platform based on CoinEx Smart Chain, supporting automatic market-making algorithm and traditional order book mode, which makes trading more flexible and friendly to traditional transaction practices, and provides users with a highly functional, simple, and easy-to-use operator interface.

4. CoinEx Smart Chain: CSC is built based on the POS consensus protocol, which is decentralized and energy-efficient, helping you easily build your own decentralized applications.