Introduction to Referral Reward

What is Referral Reward?

When your friend successfully registers a CoinEx account via your referral link or code and completes the transaction, you can get a certain percentage of their trading fee as referral reward. The more friends you refer, the more trades they make, the more you earn, and the higher referral you'll get.


How to invite friends to get referral reward?

In just 4 steps, you can invite friends to get referral reward:

Step 1: Log in to your CoinEx account, visit [Referral Reward] page, view your referral ratio, and create your exclusive referral link or code;

Step 2: Copy the link or the code, and send it to your friends through social platforms.

Step 3: Guide your friends to register on CoinEx by clicking on your referral link or using your referral code.

Step 4: When your friends make deposits on CoinEx and start crypto trading, you can get a certain percentage of their trading fee as a referral reward.

After that, you can enter the [Referral Reward] page to view your successfully referred users and received referral reward.


How come I didn't get any reward after referring friends?

1. Only users who register on CoinEx with your referral link or code can be your referred users. If users did not fill in any referral code during registration but you are their first red packet sender (before registration), you can also count as their referrer.

2. The friends you invite have only completed registration, but have not traded in any market.

3. CoinEx does not allow any user to refer themselves through multiple accounts. Once verified, all rewards will be canceled, including the transaction rebate from the referee account;

4. The effective period of the referral reward begins with the time when the referee creates the account, there will be no referral reward for this referee after 12 months.

If it is not for the above reasons, you can submit a request to us through [Contact Support]. After verification, CoinEx will unban the reward to your account.