FAQ About Deposit


Requirements for a successful deposit to CoinEx:

1. The cryptos are listed on CoinEx

2. Select the correct network for the deposit

Please select a deposit network that’s supported on CoinEx and make sure it’s available for the crypto you'd like to deposit.

3. Use the correct deposit address

(1) The deposit address should be a CoinEx address

(2) Deposit address must match with network type

(3) Attach the correct Memo/Tag for Label coins/tokens

4. Deposit amount meets the minimum deposit requirement

CoinEx sets a MINIMUM limit for cryptocurrency deposits. No maximum limit is specified.

5. A valid TXID is generated for the deposit

6. The deposit receives enough confirmations on its blockchain

CoinEx requires crypto deposits to receive enough confirmations on its blockchain before the funds can be credited to your account. The time for block generation varies from coin to coin and so do the required confirmations. Therefore, the exact arrival time of your deposit depends on network crowdedness. Learn more on deposit page.

7. Deposit service is available


What does the status of my deposit mean?

Let's assume that the real-time confirmation(s) is X, the confirmations required for crediting a deposit are Y, and the confirmations required for withdrawal are Z.

Status Meaning Action to take



X<Y, No. of deposit confirmation is not enough

Wait for the deposit to receive enough confirmations



Y≤X<Z, No. of withdrawal confirmation is not enough
Credited X≥Z, the deposit can be withdrawn -
Failed Deposit less than the minimum amount and will not be credited automatically

Make another deposit to the SAME address via the SAME network; the funds will be automatically credited to your CoinEx account after the total deposit amount meets the minimum deposit requirement.

Canceled The deposit can not be credited due to failure on the blockchain or other reasons. Contact the sending platform for help

Note: CoinEx sets requirements on deposit and withdrawal confirmation numbers for each crypto. Please read the reminder on the deposit page carefully before making a deposit.



1. What should I do if I deposit less than the minimum amount?

Make another deposit to the same address and make sure the amount of the second deposit plus the first one is above the min. limit. After that, the 2 deposits will be automatically credited to your CoinEx account. Please refer to the deposit page for the minimum deposit requirement or check the minimum deposit amount.


2. What if I make a deposit during wallet maintenance?

Your deposit can’t be credited during wallet maintenance but will be added to your account automatically after the maintenance is completed. You may set an alert on the deposit page. Once the deposit service is resumed, you will be notified by email or APP pop-ups.


3. What kind of deposits can be retrieved with Self-Service Recovery?

(1) Deposits via the wrong network

(2) Deposits of unsupported cryptos on CoinEx

(3) Label Coin deposits with the wrong Memo/Tag

(4) Wrong deposit to CoinEx Hot Wallet address / Withdrawal returned to CoinEx Hot Wallet address
Learn more about How to Retrieve Uncredited Deposit with Self-Service Recovery

If your deposit doesn’t fit into the above categories, please submit a ticket to contact us.


4. Can I change my deposit address?

Changing the deposit address is only available to some cryptos. You may click [Use new address] on the deposit page to change the address.

Note: If the address has never been used, CoinEx cannot generate a new address.


5. What if I deposit to my old address?

(1) If the deposit address is manually changed by yourself, your deposits to the old address will be credited as long as you still use it.

(2) If new deposit addresses are assigned to you due to service upgrades, your old addresses will be invalid after the upgrade. In this case, please refer to the latest addresses on the deposit page and update your CoinEx deposit addresses bound to other platforms. Otherwise, any deposit to the old addresses will NOT be credited and will lead to permanent loss.


6. What should I do if I deposit to the wrong address that’s not owned by CoinEx?

If the deposit address is not a CoinEx address, we will not be able to offer further assistance. All transactions on blockchains are irreversible. Once it is confirmed as successful, it can’t be reversed. To avoid financial loss, please double-check the deposit address before confirming any deposit.


7. How long does it take for my deposit to arrive?

Cryptocurrency transfer involves 3 steps: Withdrawn ➞ Blockchain Confirmations ➞ Deposited. After the funds are sent out from the withdrawal platform, you may locate the transfer with TXID on blockchain explorers and check its confirmations. Your deposit will be credited to your CoinEx account when it meets the deposit confirmation requirements.


8. Can I cancel the pending deposit?

It depends on your withdrawal platform. Usually, if the TXID is already available on blockchain explorers, you will NOT be able to cancel this deposit.


9. How to calculate the deposit amount of deflationary tokens to CoinEx?

For deposits of deflationary tokens to CoinEx, a certain percentage of the token will be deducted on the blockchain automatically. CoinEx will deduct the same proportion according to the receiving amount on the blockchain.

Different deflationary tokens may have different deflationary rates. For more details, please refer to the deposit page.

Assuming the withdrawal amount from the sending platform is X, the deflationary rate is Y, and the credited amount of your CoinEx account will be X*(1-Y)*(1-Y).