FAQ About Withdrawal


Requirements for a successful withdrawal

1. Withdrawal service is available

2. The coins/tokens are supported on the receipt platform

3. Select the correct network for the withdrawal: the network should be supported on the receipt platform

4. Use the correct destination address
(1) The address format should be supported in CoinEx

(2) Attach the correct Memo/Tag for Label coins/tokens if needed

5. Withdrawable amount meets the minimum withdrawal requirement plus the withdrawal fee

6. Confirm in the email: Please double-check the withdrawal currency, amount, and address

7. A valid TXID is generated and receives enough confirmations on its blockchain


What does the status of my withdrawal mean?

Status Meaning Action to take

The withdrawal is pending email confirmation, and the amount is not yet deducted from your account.

Check your email inbox and confirm the withdrawal.


The amount is deducted, and the withdrawal is pending system audit.

Contact customer support if the withdrawal is stuck in Pending for a long time.

System audit is complete, withdrawal transaction is sent to payment gateway for processing.

Contact customer support if the withdrawal is stuck in Approved for a long time.

A valid TXID is generated and the withdrawal is successful.

Contact the recipient platform for assistance if you do not receive it.
Canceled The withdrawal has been canceled, deducted amount will be returned to your Spot account. Check the refund asset in Spot account.



1. Why has my withdrawal been sent, but not received?

Three procedures of a cryptocurrency transfer: Withdrawn ➞Block Confirmations ➞ Deposited.

(1) Please double-check the destination address and withdrawal network, make sure it is the same as your recipient platform.

(2) Once the withdrawal is sent, CoinEx is unable to help get it back. Please contact the recipient platform for help if you still didn’t get it.


2. Why does it show ‘canceled’, but no amount returned?

If you do not confirm the withdrawal by email within 24 hours, the request will be canceled and the amount will not be deducted.

If the withdrawal has been canceled and the amount deducted, it will be returned to your spot account, please check the asset's history here.


3. Why is my available withdrawal amount less than my actual amount?

(1) You have unexecuted orders

Please check if you have any unexecuted orders for the coins you intend to withdraw. If so, you can cancel the orders to recover your available withdrawal balance.

(2) Deposit confirmations are not enough

Please check if you have any pending deposits that haven’t reached the required withdrawal confirmation (Probably the coin you intend to withdraw or any other coins) in your account. When your deposits have enough required confirmations, they will be added to your account and the available withdrawal balance will match its actual balance.


4. What if I make a withdrawal during wallet maintenance?

Your withdrawal can’t be sent during wallet maintenance but will be sent automatically after the maintenance is completed. You may set an alert on the withdrawal page. Once the withdrawal service is resumed, you will be notified by email or APP pop-ups.


5. What should I do if I withdraw to the wrong address?

(1) You can click [Cancel] on the withdrawal records page to cancel it if the status of withdrawal is "Confirming" or "Pending".

2) Your withdrawal can’t be canceled if the status is "Approved" or "Sent". Digital currency transactions are irreversible. Once withdrawn, only the receiver can return the coin to you, so CoinEx is unable to help you. In this case, we suggest you contact the recipient platform of the wrong address for help. If you do not know whose address is, the assets will not be recovered.


6. Is there any withdrawal fee for withdrawals?

(1) Inter-user Transfer: When withdrawing to an address in CoinEx, [Inter-user Transfer] is recommended, without fees.

(2) Normal withdrawal: Withdrawal from CoinEx requires withdrawal fees, namely miner fees. (Except for BCH, BAN, HIVE, HTR, IOTA, NEO, XDAG, XNO withdrawal)(Please refer to withdrawal fee)


7. Is there any minimum or maximum limit for withdrawal?

(1) CoinEx sets a Minimum limit for cryptocurrency withdrawal. The minimum withdrawal limit for each coin/token will be adjusted automatically based on "market value". 

(2) CoinEx sets 24 Hour withdrawal limit based on the account level, please check it here.


8. What should I do if the address is invalid when making a withdrawal?

If you entered the address incorrectly, the system will display an error message (“invalid address”). Please double-check the address and withdrawal network again.


9. How to calculate the withdrawal amount of deflationary tokens from CoinEx?

(1) For users to withdraw deflationary tokens from CoinEx, in addition to paying the withdrawal fees of the platform, a certain percentage of the token will be deducted on the blockchain automatically. And the final receiving amount will be determined by your deposit platform.

Different deflationary tokens may have different deflationary rates. For more details, please refer to the withdrawal page.

(2) Assuming the withdrawal amount on CoinEx is A, the withdrawal fee is B, and the deflationary rate is C, the transaction amount on the blockchain will be (A-B)*(1-C).

Take BABYDOGE as an example.

The deflationary rate of BABYDOGE is 10%, and the withdrawal fee is 10 BABYDOGE.

If you withdraw 1,000 BABYDOGE from CoinEx,

the amount sent out from CoinEx will be (1,000-10)*(1-10%) = 891,

that is, the transaction amount on the blockchain is 891 BABYDOGE.