Use CET as Trading Fees

About CET Deduction

By holding CET and enabling the "CET Deduction" function, CET will be deducted to pay the trading fees (20% off) of all trading pairs (AMM and Futures markets excluded).

Take ETH/USDT trading pair as an example, when the order is executed, CoinEx will get the latest price of ETH/USDT and CET/USDT, and calculate the trading fees as follows:

Fees (CET) = Latest price of ETH/USDT / Latest price of CET/USDT * Taker/Maker fees * Discount


How to Use CET as Trading Fees on Spot Trading? 

Method 1: Enable [CET Deduction] on the trading page before you place an order.



Method 2: Enable [Use CET as Fees] on the Preferences Settings page




Q1: How to calculate fees when trading CET?

A1: When trading CET, if [CET Deduction] is enabled, CET will also be deducted to pay the trading fees (20% off). Otherwise, the trading fees will be charged at the default rate.


Q2: I have enabled CET deduction, why are my trading fees not deducted from CET?

A2: (1) Insufficient CET balance: When your CET is insufficient, the trading fees will be charged by default. If you have enough CET balance for a transaction, your trading fees will be converted to CET and deducted from your balance after calculating the discount.

(2) AMM Market: AMM market uses a different fee system, and CET deduction is not supported.

(3) Futures Market: "Use CET as Fees" is not available for Futures trading.

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