Introduction to CoinEx VIP Discount

CoinEx uses a tiered system for VIP members. Based on your VIP level, you can enjoy different fee discounts.


How to view VIP level?

Visit CoinEx official website (, and log in to your account. Click [Account] in the top-right corner to view your current VIP level.


VIP Level Introduction

1. The VIP level will be updated when your CET holding, total asset value, 30-day Spot trading volume OR 30-day Futures trading volume meet the requirements of different levels.

2. The snapshot of CET holding, total asset value, and trading volume will be taken at 0:00 (UTC), and the VIP level will be updated at 1:00 (UTC) on a daily basis. The data of all sub-accounts will be added to your main account.


When calculating the CET holding, the system will include the holding at off-site addresses that are bound to CoinEx. The trading volume of market makers will be excluded.


VIP Fees

VIP Level CET Holding

Total Asset Value

30-day Spot Trading Volume

30-day Futures Trading Volume Spot Fees Spot Fees (CET Deduction)

Margin Borrowing Interest

Futures Fees


≥ 0 CET ≥ 0 USD ≥ 0 USD ≥ 0 USD 0.2000% 0.1600%
Please refer to Borrowing Daily Interest Rate.
(Updated every hour)



VIP1 ≥2,000 CET ≥ 10,000 USD ≥ 10,000 USD ≥ 50,000 USD 0.1800% 0.1440%



VIP2 ≥ 10,000 CET ≥ 50,000 USD ≥ 50,000 USD ≥ 250,000 USD 0.1600% 0.1280%



VIP3 ≥ 50,000 CET ≥ 100,000 USD ≥ 100,000 USD ≥ 500,000 USD 0.1400% 0.1120%



VIP4 ≥ 250,000 CET ≥ 200,000 USD ≥ 200,000 USD ≥ 1,000,000 USD 0.1200% 0.0960%



VIP5 ≥ 1,000,000 CET ≥ 500,000 USD ≥ 500,000 USD ≥ 2,500,000 USD 0.1000% 0.0800%




1. VIP fee discount is applicable on top of CET deduction.

2. AMM market adopts an independent fee system. VIP fees are NOT applicable for AMM market. Normal AMM market fee rate is 0.3%. Stablecoin AMM market fee rate is 0.1%. Please refer to Fees Standard for more details.

3. After your VIP is activated, the discounts will be automatically calculated and applied to your orders.

4. For Maker/Taker trading mechanism, please refer to What are Maker & Taker.



Q1: Can the VIP fee discount be applied on top of the CET fee discount? If so, which coin will be charged as fees?

A1: Yes. VIP fee discount is applicable on top of discount using CET as fees for Non-AMM trading pairs in Spot Trading and Margin Trading. "Use CET as Trading Fees" is not available for Futures Contracts.


Q2: Assuming that an account is VIP 2 and "Use CET as Trading Fees" is activated, how to calculate the spot fees?

A2: (1) Assuming that in spot trading, the executed value of a limit order is 10 USDT, and it is known that the spot fee rate of VIP 2 is 0.1600%, the fee for VIP 2 will be:

10 * 0.0016 = 0.016 USDT

(2) Combined with the discount of Use CET as Trading Fees (currently a 20% discount), if 1 USDT = 2 CET according to the real-time exchange rate, the final trading fee will be:

0.016 * 80% * 2 = 0.0256 CET

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