How to Register and Log in to Your CoinEx Account

How to register a CoinEx account?

1. Visit CoinEx official website ( and click [Sign Up] in the upper right corner.



2. After entering the registration page, enter your [Email] and [Password], fill in [referral Code] (optional), read and check [I've read & agreed with CoinEx Terms of Service ], and then click [Sign Up].


Reminder: Your email address is significantly connected to your CoinEx account. Please make sure that the registered email address is secure, and set a complex password (a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols) with a high-security level. Remember and keep the password of the registered email account and the login password set when registering your CoinEx account.


3. Enter the [Email Verification Code] and click [Confirm]. 



4. After completing the above steps, registration is complete.



How to log in to your CoinEx account?

1. Visit CoinEx official website (, and click [Log in] in the upper right corner.



2. Enter your registered email address and your password, confirm and click [Log In]. 



3. According to the bound 2FA, enter [SMS code] or [TOTP code] to log in successfully.




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