How to Convert Small Assets into CET

1. Visit CoinEx's official website, log in to your CoinEx account and click [Spot] on the drop-down menu of [Assets] in the upper right corner.mceclip0.png

2. Click [Convert CET] on the [Spot Asset] page.mceclip1.png

3. Select any coin or choose [Select all] and click [Convert].mceclip3.png

4. Confirm the convert details and click [Convert] to finish converting. mceclip5.png
5. Click [Conversion History] to view previous details of the convert.mceclip2.png


1. Convertible Coins should meet the requirements as follows:
(1) The converted coin is not CET.
2) The coin remains listed.
3) The balance of the coin is over 0 and its market value is less than 1 USDT.

2. Assets less than the minimum order amount can be converted into CET, and 5% of the converted CET will be charged as fees. The converter is available only ONCE every 24 hours.