How to Invite Friends and Get Referral Rewards

What is Referral Reward?

After your friends have signed up with your referral code or link and traded on CoinEx, you will receive part of their trading fees as rewards. The more friends you invite, and the more invited friends trade, the higher your rewards.


How to Invite Friends and Get Referral Rewards?

1. Visit the Referral Reward page

(1) Web users: Log in to CoinEx website, and click [More] - [Referral] at the top navigation.

(2) App users: Log in on CoinEx App, and tap [Referral] on the home page.

2. Select your sharing method



Click [Generate Poster] to generate a poster with your exclusive referral link and QR code. You can then copy the link and share it on social media like Twitter, Facebook or Telegram. When your friends sign up using your referral link, they will become your referees.


Click [Send C-Box] to send cryptos to a friend who has not registered with CoinEx. When your friends sign up with the Email account that claimed the C-Box, they will become your referees.


Copy your referral code and share it with friends. When your friends enter your referral code during signup, they will become your referees.

4 Copy your referral link and share it with friends. When your friends sign up at CoinEx by clicking your referral link, they will automatically become your referees.

How to Get More Referral Rewards?

1. Invite more friends

If you want to have more referees, here are some suggestions for you:

(1) Share rewards with friends by adjusting the referral ratio.


(2) Post your exclusive referral codes, links, and posters on social media platforms to inform more friends.

(3) When sharing your insights and latest news of the crypto industry or CoinEx, attach your exclusive link or referral code, so that those who show interest can sign up directly.

2. Increase your referral ratio

In the following ways, you can increase your referral ratio:

(1) Upgrade your VIP level

Your basic referral ratio is automatically updated according to your VIP level, which is up to 40%. (View how to upgrade VIP level)

VIP Level Reward Ratio
VIP0 15%
VIP1 20%
VIP2 25%
VIP3 30%




(2) Apply to become CoinEx Ambassador

CoinEx Ambassador is the global promotion partner of CoinEx. If you have rich community resources or blockchain experience, you can apply to become a CoinEx Ambassador and get up to 50% referral rewards. (View how to become CoinEx Ambassador)


How to View My Referral Records?

On the Referral Reward page, you can check your [Referral History] and [Reward History].


Why Did I Invite Friends But Didn't Receive Reward?

1. Please make sure that your friends become your referees. Only those who have signed up with your referral code or link can become your referee. If your friend does not fill in your referral code when signing up, but the first red envelope (received before signing up) that he receives is sent by you, then he is also counted as your referee.

2. Your referred friend has only signed up but has not traded.

3. CoinEx does not allow any user to refer themselves through multiple accounts. Once verified, all rewards will be canceled, including the reward for the referee account.

4. For referees, when using Cashback Voucher, if their executed orders are consistent with the applicable market of the voucher, neither the referrer nor the referee will receive the cashback of these transactions.

5. For referees, when their transactions are executed in AMM markets, these trading fees will be deducted from AMM revenues, and the remaining will be calculated for cashback.

For more questions, please contact us by [Submit a ticket]. After verification, CoinEx will issue the reward to your account.