What Is Margin Borrowing Interest Rate

What Is Margin Borrowing Interest Rate?

Borrowing interest is the interest that needs to be paid for borrowing cryptos in Margin trading, which is calculated by your borrowing amount and the borrowing interest rate.

Updated every hour, the borrowing interest rate of each token/coin changes in real-time, according to its corresponding deposit amount and borrowing situation. The specific borrowing interest rate is subject to the page display.

Also, your VIP level determines the borrowing interest rate. VIP1 - 5 enjoys preferential interest rates, which can be viewed on Fees Standard.


Rules of Borrowing Interest Rate

1. Interest calculation: Borrowing interest is calculated upon each successful loan you make based on the interest rate at the time of the loan. It will be calculated at the exact hour of borrowing and once every hour afterward. No interest will be charged when it's less than an hour.

2. Repayment: The loans are settled in chronological order with first the interest and then the borrowed funds being cleared. When both the loan and interest are paid, the status of the order will be changed to “Paid” and no more interest for this order will be calculated.

3. Borrowing cycle: 10 days with Auto-renewal enabled by default. Auto-payment will be triggered if you default on the loan.

4. Auto-renewal: The loan is automatically renewed with the latest interest rate and cycle.

5. Renewal notice

(1) If Auto-renewal is disabled, loan expire notices will be made before 72 hrs, 24 hrs, 8hrs, and 1 hr before the expiry date.

(2) When Auto-renewal is enabled but the Insurance Fund is insufficient to cover the loan, renewal failed notices will be triggered to inform the loaner to repay manually, while the expiry time will be extended by 24 hrs. After 24 hours, if the loaner does not take the initiative to repay the assets, auto-renewal will be triggered again systematically. If the renewal still fails, the auto-payment will be triggered.

6. If any airdrop, potential fork, etc. takes place and generates new assets, please refer to the announcement for specific details.


Risk Reminder

1. Margin Trading utilizes less capital to achieve the possibility of obtaining greater returns, but it can also saddle you with amplified losses when the market moves against you. Therefore, we strongly advise entry-level users not to use highly leveraged trading to avoid forced liquidation or even bankruptcy.

2. Please use the leverage reasonably, adjust your position accordingly, and learn when to take profits or stop losses by liquidating positions.