CoinEx Delisting Criteria

CoinEx conducts comprehensive and periodic reviews of all listed cryptos and will delist cryptos that fail to meet our listing criteria. Based on the principle of transparency, we list in this article the key factors that influence the delisting decisions, including but not limited to the following aspects:


1. Project and Team Members

(1) If significant changes occur in the project team, product and business model, etc., the project team should notify CoinEx in time for an overall reassessment; if the changes are made without prior notice, CoinEx reserves the right to delist the project.

(2) The project team or any team member (founder, co-founder, advisor, etc.) is involved in fraud or unethical behaviors, such as information falsifying, suspected market manipulation, major personal legal issues, or other legal issues.


2. Token

(1) Token lock-up not implemented as per its lock-up mechanism, or token transfer made without disclosure of use.

(2) Abnormal increase in token supply


3. Technology Development & Mainnet/Smart Contract

(1) No substantial progress in product development; no project update on social media or official website over a long period, such as technical development, product update, team news, etc.

(2) No regular update in the codebase or no update at all.

(3) Security risks on the mainnet, such as the mainnet suspension for a long time and abnormal blockchain fork.


4. Community Building and Management

(1) Significant deviations in information disclosure, deceiving investors and trading platforms.

(2) Official website not available, distorted web pages, no maintenance in social media and community.

(3) No response to the doubts and questions from the community.


5. Others

(1) Other frauds or unethical behaviors.

(2) Other situations defined and determined by CoinEx.


If any of the major problems mentioned above occur to the project, the delisting process will be activated and announced after a series of comprehensive assessments. Deposit, trading and withdrawal services of the delisted crypto will be closed as scheduled.