What's CoinEx Financial Account


What is CoinEx Financial Account?

CoinEx Financial account is a financial product that allows you to earn interest from your holdings with no requirement on initial principal. You can earn compound interest and withdraw all assets at any time.

After transferring idle assets into the Financial account, you can get daily interest. Also, compound interest is accumulated on a daily basis. The interest comes from 70% of the total income generated by margin loans and crypto loans.


Terms of Financial Account

1. Yesterday's Income = (Yesterday's margin loans income + Yesterday's crypto loans income) * 70% * (Your Financial account balance yesterday / Total balance in all Financial accounts yesterday)

2. Latest Daily Interest (updated every 10 minutes) = (Today's margin loans income + Today's crypto loans income) * 70% / Total balance in all Financial accounts today * 100%

3. 7-Day APY = (Margin loans income in the last 7 days + Crypto loans income in the last 7 days) * 70% / Total balance in all Financial accounts in the last 7 days * 365 Days


How to enter Financial Account?

1. Visit CoinEx official website (https://www.coinex.com), log in to your account, and select [Financial] under [Assets] in the top-right corner.



2. On the Financial page, you can check all available assets.

Note: Click [Hide small assets] next to [Financial Asset] to locate your holdings.



How to Transfer Assets to Financial Account?

1. On the Financial page, locate your desired crypto and click [Transfer] on the right.



2. Set the transfer direction from [Spot] to [Financial], confirm the coin type and enter the amount, then click [Confirm].



3. After transferring your assets to the Financial account, you can check the transfer details in [Financial] - [Financial Records] or [History] - [Financial].




How Financial Account Works

Day 1: Transfer assets from Spot account to Financial account (no upper limit).

Day 2: Start earning interest.

Day 3: The interest earned from the previous day will be deposited into your Financial account and accrue on a compound basis.

Suppose you transfer 100 USDT to the Financial account at 0:00 UTC on November 28th. Interest will begin accruing at 0:00 UTC on November 29th. Payout   will be allocated around 0:00 UTC on November 30th (Please check your Financial Records for the actual payout time).


Tips on Financial Account 

1. No interest will accrue on the day when the assets are transferred out of the Financial account.

2. For the convenience of calculation, the UTC time is uniformly used.

3. Usually, asset transfer from Financial account to Spot account is processed in real-time. But if idle assets in the summary Financial account are insufficient, your transfer will be processed in time order AFTER margin users repay their loans. In this case, interest will be accumulated for this part of assets.

4. Should you encounter any delay in asset transfer, please submit a ticket to contact us for further assistance.



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