What Are Isolated & Cross Margin Modes

Cross Margin Mode

Under the Cross Margin mode, all available amounts in the Futures Account can be used as a shared margin for all current positions.

When the margin of certain positions is less than the maintenance margin, the available balance in the Futures Account will be added to that position and makeup for the initial margin to avoid Forced Liquidation.

If the margin cannot be filled to the initial level after all balances are used, Forced Liquidation will be triggered.


Isolated Margin Mode

Under the Isolated Margin mode, the margin for each position is separated, not shared. Margins will not be added automatically when needed and must be added manually and promptly to avoid Forced Liquidation.


Leverage Under Different Modes

Cross Margin is set as default mode and leverage can be adjusted under both Isolated and Cross margin mode. However, when there is an existing order in the current market, you can neither switch the margin mode nor adjust the leverage.