What's Futures Maintenance Margin Level System

What is Maintenance Margin Level System?

By adopting "Maintenance margin level system", CoinEx designs different maintenance margin ratios and maximum leverage for all trading accounts based on different positions. The larger the positions held, the higher maintenance margin will be required, and the lower the Max. Leverage will be available. When large positions are liquidated, this system can avoid a strong impact on market liquidity and reduce the possibility of Auto-Deleverage for other users.


Example of maintenance margin rate level for BTCUSD contract:

Position Level

Margin Rate
Min. Initial 
Margin Rate
Max. Leverage
0-500,000 Cont 0.50% 1.00% 100
500,001-1,000,000 Cont 1.00% 2.00% 50
1,000,001-2,000,000 Cont 1.50% 3.33% 30
2,000,001-5,000,000 Cont 2.00% 5.00% 20
5,000,001-10,000,000 Cont 2.50% 6.66% 15
10,000,001-20,000,000 Cont 3.00% 10.00%


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