How to Activate Futures Trading

1. Visit CoinEx official website (, log in to your account, and select [Futures Markets] under [Futures] at the top navigation.



2. Click [Confirm] to proceed to the next step.



3. Read the [Risk Reminder], tick the disclaimer checkbox and click [Confirm] to activate Futures trading.



4. Watch the Futures tutorial and complete the quiz.

(1) Click [Start Beginner's Guide ] after activating Futures trading.



(2) Click [Start Now] to watch the Futures tutorial. 



(3) Click [Answer Now] after watching the video.



(4) The quiz consists of 5 single-choice questions. If you choose the wrong answer, you can check the correct one by referring to the page prompts, then click [Next] to move on to the next question.



(5) After you complete the quiz, click [Trade Now] to visit the Futures Trading page.




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