Law Enforcement Request Guide


CoinEx will respond to authorized law enforcement requests and disclose relevant information on a case-by-case basis as legally required, in accordance with applicable laws and our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.


How to submit law enforcement requests?

In order to process law enforcement requests in a timely manner, please send an email to  as required below:

1. Send the email from an official email address (law enforcement requests sent from unofficial email domains such as @gmail, @hotmail, @yahoo, and @protonmail will not be accepted).

2. Provide law enforcement agency name, name of jurisdiction served, and official website URL.

3. Provide an investigation inquiry letter issued by the law enforcement agency, including law enforcement agency name, address, telephone number and official email address.

4. Include necessary details or context of the investigation case.

5. Provide valid information for locating the subject of the case, including but not limited to TXID, wallet address, Memo/Tag/Payment ID/, email address, etc. (in text format or Excel sheets)

6. State a reasonable deadline.


How do we verify the identity of law enforcement officers?

CoinEx only discloses relevant information to law enforcement agencies that have completed identity verification. Please find the instructions for identity verification below:

1. Send law enforcement requests with the email address posted on the agency's official website, or reply to the CoinEx official email for identity verification.

2. Provide an official website with a portal to submit tickets so that CoinEx can confirm the identities of the law enforcement officers.

3. Provide an official website where we can find information about the law enforcement officers or related cases.

4. For other identity verification methods, CoinEx will cooperate as appropriate after verifying the validity.

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