How to Sell Cryptos via Mercuryo

What should you do before using Mercuryo in CoinEx?

1. Register your CoinEx account and enable 2FA

Before using Mercuryo, you should register a CoinEx account and enable two-factor authentication.

Please check out the step-by-step guides here:

How to Register and Log in to Your CoinEx Account

How to Bind Mobile Number

How to Bind Google Authenticator

2. Prepare valid ID documents

You need to complete ID verification when using Mercuryo, please prepare your ID card, passport, or driving license in advance.

Mercuryo Support

If you've encountered any issues when using Mercuryo, please refer to the Mercuryo Help Center or submit a ticket for further assistance. 

How to Purchase Cryptos via Mercuryo? 

1. Visit CoinEx official website (, log in to your account and click [Fiat] on the top. 



2. Click [Sell], select the crypto you want to sell and the fiat you want to get, then select Mercuryo and click [Sell].



3. Enter the amount to sell on the order page, and click [Confirm Selling] after double check.



4. Read the "Attention" notes carefully, then click [Got it and visit now] to access Mercuryo website.



5. Double-check the order information, confirm the agreements, and click [Continue]



6. Choose your region and enter a phone number, then click [Send Code] to get the SMS code and enter it correctly. 



7. Enter the card information and then click the block to continue.


8. Input the refund address. In this step, it's necessary to input the refund address, so Mercuryo can

send the crypto back to you if something goes wrong.



9. Once you indicate the refund address you need to choose one of the two options:

(1) In the range of 5%: The majority of cryptocurrencies (except stablecoins) are extremely volatile and while you send crypto to Mercuryo blockchain address, the market price might change drastically. Mercuryo offers an option to get your crypto back if the rate has changed by more than 5%.

(2) Unconditional payout: In this case, Mercuryo will send fiat to your MasterCard/Visa bank card regardless of the rate fluctuations.



10. As soon as you select the desired option, you'll see Mercuryo blockchain address in light purple color and a corresponding QR code so you can send the crypto.



11. You need to select your country and depending on the country of citizenship you need to send a picture of government-issued identification documents and a selfie. If you're not able to pass verification for some reason, Mercuryo will send back crypto to the refund address.



12. After all steps are completed, you will receive an email with all the details of the transaction.




1. Reference Price displayed on CoinEx is an estimated number. The final price is subject to the price quoted by Mercuryo.

2. After purchasing, you can check the order status on Mercuryo.

3. If you’ve encountered any issues during the process, please contact Mercuryo customer support  for further assistance.


More questions can be found in Mercuryo help center: Mercuryo Help Center

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