Introduction to CoinEx Airdrop Station

Time-limited Airdrop

1. Meet the requirements of participation.

2. Answer the questions correctly.

3. First come, first served.


Lucky Airdrop

1. Users who meet the requirements of participation and answer the questions correctly can get a lottery number after the event starts. The lottery number increases from 0000001 to 9999999 in the order of requesting the number.

2. After the event ends, we will check the last bitcoin block hash generated before the event ends, and set it as the random seed.

3. Use the random function in Python3 and input the random seed to draw the lucky number.

4. The lottery algorithm can be found here: 



Q1: How often will CoinEx hold airdrop events?

A1: CoinEx will hold airdrop events from time to time according to project popularity and CoinEx community voting. Please stay tuned to our announcement to get the latest updates on airdrop events.


Q2: If I get the answers wrong, can I still claim the airdrop?

A2: You can answer the questions again if you don't get all the right answers. All questions are related to the project and are randomly selected from the question bank.


Q3: Why can't I claim the airdrop rewards even though I answer the questions correctly?

A3: There are two scenarios for this:

(1) You don't meet the requirements of participation. Each airdrop event has different requirements, such as "KYC Verified", "No CET Holding History", "VIP1 and above", etc. ONLY when you meet the specified requirements and answer the questions correctly can you claim the rewards. 

(2) The time-limited airdrop is on a first-come-first-served basis. If the rewards are all claimed before you answer the questions, then you cannot claim the airdrop.


Q4: Why didn't I receive the rewards even though I meet all the requirements for the time-limited airdrop?

A4: You need to manually click the [Claim Airdrop] button after your account meets all the requirements. If you don't click the button, you will not get the rewards.


Q5: Why are my airdrop rewards frozen?

A5: The airdrop rewards will have a lock time.  You can check the unlock time on the Project Details page.


Q6: Can I trade or withdraw the airdrop rewards? 

A6: When the airdrop rewards are unfrozen, you can trade or withdraw the cryptos.


Q7: Under what circumstances will the airdrop rewards be revoked?

A7: CoinEx adopts a zero-tolerance attitude towards any cheating or click farming behavior. Rewards from any form of cheating or click farming during the event will be revoked.