CoinEx Deposit & Withdrawal Guide

With deposit or withdrawal function, you can transfer crypto assets between your CoinEx account and other wallets or platforms.


How to Deposit Cryptos to CoinEx?

1. Visit CoinEx official website (, log in to your account, and click [Assets]-[Deposit] in the upper right corner.



2. Take USDT-TRC20 as an example:

(1) Select Token [USDT];

(2) Select Network [TRC20];

(3) Fill in receiving address on your sending platform by [Copy Address] or [Scan QR Code], and submit a withdrawal.

(4) After the withdrawal is successful, wait for your USDT deposit to be credited.



3. After the deposit is credited, you may check the assets in the [Spot account].


Notes for Deposit:

1. For Label Coin deposits (EOS, XLM, LUNA, etc.), the address and label (Memo, Tag, etc.) are BOTH REQUIRED. If you send cryptos without the correct label, your deposit will NOT be credited automatically.

2. There is a minimum deposit requirement for each crypto. Any deposit less than the minimum amount will NOT be credited. Please refer to What should I do if I deposit less than the minimum amount for more details.

3. CoinEx also sets requirements on deposit and withdrawal confirmation numbers. New deposits can not be credited or withdrawn before receiving enough confirmation. Please read the reminder on the deposit page carefully before making a deposit.


How to Withdraw Cryptos from CoinEx?

1. Visit CoinEx official website (, log in to your account, and select [Assets] - [Withdraw] in the upper right corner.



2. Take USDT-TRC20 Normal Transfer as an example:

(1) Select token [USDT];

(2) Click [Normal Transfer];

(3) Select Network [TRC20];

(4) Enter the Withdrawal Address;

(5) Enter Receive Amount (Note: Deduction = Receive Amount + Withdrawal Fee);

(6) Double-check withdrawal details and click [Withdraw];



3. Depending on which 2FA you use, enter [SMS code] or [TOTP code] for verification.



4. After verification, you will receive a Withdrawal Confirmation email. If you fail to receive it, please click [Resend Email].

Confirm the “Receive Amount”, “Withdrawal Address”, and "Network” on the [Withdraw Detail] page, then click [Reconfirm] in the email. 



(1) For account security, the link is valid for ONLY 30 minutes.

(2) Your withdrawal will be canceled automatically if you do not confirm within 24 hours and the assets won’t be deducted from your account.

(3) If it is not your own operation, please change your password or submit a ticket to contact us).


5. After double-checking the withdrawal details on the [Withdrawal Confimation] page, click [Approve] to submit the withdrawal request. 



6. You may check the status on the [Withdrawal Records] page. Once the withdrawal is sent, you will receive a system email with the subject of [CoinEx] Notification on Approved Withdrawal Request.



Notes for Withdrawal:

1. If you want to withdraw cryptos to another CoinEx account, it is recommended to use [Inter-User Transfer] with 0 fees.

2. Please confirm that the network you select on CoinEx is the SAME as that on the receiving platform to avoid unnecessary loss.

3. To avoid asset loss, please confirm if the label (Memo, Tag, etc.) is required by the recipient before submitting Label Coin withdrawals.

4. Normal Transfers are sent via the blockchain network, and the arrival time depends on the number of confirmations required by the recipient.

5. Once the withdrawal is sent, CoinEx can not help you retrieve the assets anymore. Please contact the recipient platform for assistance if you do not receive it.



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