Introduction to the Voucher Center

What is CoinEx Voucher?

To help users better understand our trading services, CoinEx will distribute vouchers for Spot trading, Margin trading, Futures trading, and other products. For example, we give out Futures Trial Fund in order to encourage users to practice Futures trading in real scenarios.


How to claim and use a voucher?

1. Claim Vouchers

CoinEx will distribute vouchers or redeem codes from time to time. After receiving voucher notifications or valid redeem codes, please go to [Voucher Center] to claim the voucher as soon as possible. It will be allocated to the designated account if you meet the requirements.


2. Use Vouchers

Some vouchers can be used immediately after it's claimed, while others need to be activated manually within the activation window. Different vouchers have different terms of use, please check the specific rules for details.


3. Voucher Validity

The redemption, activation, and expiration periods for vouchers may vary. Please follow the on-screen instructions to check the deadline, and make sure you claim and use it before the expiration date. If you fail to claim or use the voucher within validity, it will be recalled automatically by the system.


How to check vouchers?

1. Visit CoinEx official website (, log in to your account and click [Voucher Center] in the drop-down menu under [Account] in the top-right corner.



2. Check the voucher's value, validity, and rules in [Voucher Center].



3. Click [Redeem Voucher] in the top-right corner to claim the voucher with redeem code.



4. Click [My Voucher] in the top-right corner to check used or expired vouchers.



FAQ about Voucher

Q: How to claim a voucher?

A: Find [Voucher Center] in the drop-down menu under [Account] on the homepage, and claim the voucher within the validity period. If you want to access [Voucher Center] on CoinEx App, please upgrade to the latest version.


Q: When can I claim a voucher?

A: CoinEx will distribute vouchers from time to time, and inform users by email, announcement, in-site message, etc.


Q: Why did I receive the notifications or redeem codes, yet still fail to claim the voucher?

A: The possible reasons are: (1) The claim or redemption period has ended; (2) The vouchers are limited in number and have already been claimed or redeemed; (3) You didn't meet the specific requirements for claiming or redeeming vouchers. 


Q: Is there a scope of use for the voucher?

A: Different vouchers apply to different markets. For example, the Futures Trial Fund can only be used in Futures trading. For details, please check the rules of specific vouchers.


Q: Is there an expiration date for the voucher?

A: Yes. Please use the voucher as soon as possible after claiming it. CoinEx will recall the voucher after expiration.


Q: Why is the voucher recalled?

A: Under the below circumstances, the voucher will be recalled:

(1) The voucher is not claimed and used within validity;

(2) Trading volume during the validity period doesn't meet the specified requirement.



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