Introduction to Swap Trading

What is CoinEx Swap?

CoinEx Swap is a fast exchange service, where you can exchange 2 different crypto assets in one single click.

The latest quotation for Swap is systematically calculated, and after confirming the quotation, you don't need to perform operations, such as submitting orders and waiting for your transactions to be executed, since your swap will be automatically settled in the Spot account.


How to use CoinEx Swap?

Step 1: Log in to CoinEx official website (, click [Swap] on the navigator bar to visit the Swap page.



Step 2: Choose "From" the coin/token you have, "To" what you'd like to swap. Or, you can select the direction you want from the trendy swaps below, for a quick operation.

E.g. To swap from USDT to CET.

1. Select [USDT] under [From]

2. Select [CET] under [To]



Step 3: Enter the amount of coin/token to swap, or directly enter the coins/tokens to receive after the swap.

E.g. To swap from USDT to CET.

1. Enter the amount [4.06] next to USDT, and the amount of CET to receive will be automatically calculated.

2. Or, you can enter the amount [100] next to CET, and the amount of USDT to swap will be automatically calculated.



Step 4: After clicking [Swap] button, you will see the details of this swap order. Please confirm the amount and quotation.



Finally, you can see your swap status in the last 5 swap records.



The status of Swap orders

1. In progress: The swap will be complete soon, please wait a moment.

2. Completely swapped: All your assets are swapped to the target coins.

3. Partially swapped: Due to the insufficient market depth, only some of your assets are swapped to the target coins, and the remaining assets will be given back to your Spot account.

4. Unsuccessful: Due to the insufficient market depth, your swap wasn't executed, and all your assets will be given back to your Spot account.


Swap FAQ

1. What is the advantage of Swap compared to Spot trading?

With Swap trading, any combination of crypto trading can be achieved within seconds, without manual order submission, as long as the market depth permits.


2. Do I need to transfer the coins before Swap?

No transfer is required. The assets will simply be deducted from and added to your Spot account.


3. What are the minimum and maximum limits per time?

The minimum limit for a single swap is equivalent to 1 USD, while the minimum and maximum limits vary according to the specific cryptos. Please refer to the page display for the specific limit.

(1) When the crypto to swap is less than the minimum value, the minimum order amount will be prompted immediately.


(2) Click the [Max.] button on the right side to automatically fill the maximum amount.



4. How is the swapped price calculated?

The swapped price will be calculated by the system based on the current market depth, and the final amount is subject to the actual transaction.


5. How often is the reference price updated?

The reference price is updated every 5 seconds.


6. Is there a daily limit to swap orders?

No, but there is a maximum amount for a single swap.


7. Is there any fee for swap orders?

Yes. The swap fee is shown on the page. VIP discount and CET deduction can be used at the same time for non-AMM trading pairs. Please refer to "Fees" for details.


8. Why can't I use CET as transaction fees for the swap order?

(1) You didn't enable [Use CET as Fees] in [Preferences Settings].

(2) The CET balance in the Spot account is not sufficient.


9. What should I do if it says "Balance Insufficient"?

When the balance is insufficient, you can click [Deposit] to deposit more assets, or simply reduce the amount you to swap.



10. What should I do if it says "Market depth insufficient"?

Swap service will be unavailable in some markets due to insufficient depth. In this case, please trade directly in [Exchange] section.


11. Where is Swap Order Record?

(1) On Swap page, you can see [Last 5 Swap Records] at the bottom of it. If you want to check all records, please click [All Records] instead.


(2) On the navigator, you can see your [Swap Orders] under [Orders].