What Should I Do If My Withdrawal Is Not Received

Complete Cryptos in 3 simple steps: Withdrawn ➞Block Confirmations ➞ Deposited.

Normally, a TXID will be generated automatically within 30 minutes once it's confirmed in the withdrawal confirmation email, which means that the assets have been transferred to the blockchain after a TXID has been generated. Since the number of required confirmations and the blockchain network for different coins or tokens may vary, the final arriving time for each withdrawal is different too.


The following reasons may lead to unsuccessful withdrawals:

1. The withdrawal is not confirmed yet

Please make sure to confirm the withdrawal request in your inbox within 30 minutes, or the withdrawal will not be sent out until approved.

(1) If your confirmation Email expired, please cancel the withdrawal request and submit again.

(2) If your withdrawal request is not confirmed within 24 hours, the withdrawal will be automatically canceled.


2. The withdrawal remains pending

All withdrawals will be audited automatically before they're sent out. Normally, the auditing will take 5-15 minutes and 15-30 minutes for large withdrawals due to slight blockchain delay.


3. Temporary wallet maintenance

Your withdrawal can’t be sent during wallet maintenance, but it will be sent automatically after the maintenance is completed. You may set a reminder on the withdrawal page. Once the withdrawal service is resumed, you will be notified by Email or APP pop-ups.


4. The withdrawal is not supported by the recipient platform

(1) Withdraw unsupported coins/tokens to the recipient platform. 

(2) Withdraw through the unsupported network on the recipient platform. 

(3) Withdraw Label Coin without or with wrong Memo/Tag. 

(4) Less than the minimum deposit amount required by the recipient platform. 

Note: Once the withdrawal is sent, CoinEx is unable to help get it back. Please contact the recipient platform for help.


5. Your asset is withdrawn to incorrect address

(1) You can click [Cancel] on the withdrawal records page to cancel it if the status of withdrawal is "Confirming" or "Pending".

(2) Your withdrawal can’t be canceled if the status is "Approved" or "Sent". Crypto transactions are irreversible. Once withdrawn, ONLY the receiver can return the coin to you, and it is beyond our support.

a. If you have withdrawn assets to the wrong address, and you know the owner of this address, please contact the owner directly.

b. If you have withdrawn assets to the wrong address, but you do not know the owner of this address, we strongly suggest you contact the recipient platform of the wrong address for further assistance.


Note: Please feel free to submit a ticket if your concerns are not mentioned above.