How to Activate and View Futures PNL Analysis

What is PNL Analysis?

Profit and Loss Analysis, or PNL Analysis, allows for data analysis of your daily transactions, as well as a statistical summary of asset trends, cumulative PNL, and daily income rate on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis, providing a clear overview of your account PNL. For more details, please refer to PNL Analysis.


How to activate PNL Analysis?

1. On Web

Step 1: Visit CoinEx official website (, log in to your account, and click the arrow to the right of [Assets Overview] under [Assets].



Step 2: Click [Activate PNL Analysis] on [Asset Overview] page, and select [Confirm].




2. In App

Log in to CoinEx App, tap the avatar in the top left corner on [Home] page, then tap [PNL Analysis] and select [Confirm].



How to view Futures PNL Analysis?

After enabling PNL Analysis, you can click [PNL Analysis] on [Asset Overview] page, and switch to the Futures account to check Trend of Assets, Today's PNL, Cumulative PNL, Daily Income, and more.



1. All data is based on UTC+0 time zone, and data maintenance is carried out on a daily basis from 0:00 to 2:00 (UTC+0). During this period, Today's PNL will not be displayed, while other PNL data will adopt historical data before maintenance. All data will be displayed normally after the maintenance.

2. Due to the complexity of financial data, there might be nuances and delays. The PNL data is for reference only.