What's Withdrawal Multi-Approval and How to Set it Up

What's Withdrawal Multi-Approval?

To enable account co-management and enhance asset security, CoinEx has added the function of withdrawal multi-approval.

After adding withdrawal approval Email to co-manage the account, all the operations of [withdrawal] and [adding API withdrawal whitelist address] will require Email confirmations by the approval members. Otherwise, the process will not be completed.


How to Add Withdrawal Approval Emails?

1. Visit www.coinex.com and log in to your account, choose [Account Settings] in the drop-down menu of [Account] on the upper right corner.



2. Navigate to [Security Settings] and click [Settings] on the right of Withdrawal Multi-Approval.



3. Click [Invitation on Joining Multi-Approval] and click [Got it] after reading the risk notice carefully.



4. Click [Add] to enter Nickname and Email address, then click [Confirm]. Depending on which 2FA tools you are using, enter SMS/TOTP code for verification. 



5. After 2FA is verified, the page will turn to [Waiting for Email confirmation] and you will receive a system email with the subject of [Confirmation on Withdrawal Multi-Approval]. If you do not receive the confirmation email, please click [Resend].



6. Confirm the approval member's Email address, and click [Reconfirm].


Note: For security purposes, the link is valid for ONLY 30 minutes. If you did not perform this action, please change your password immediately and submit a ticket.

7. Double confirm the approval member's Email address on the [Confirmation on Withdrawal Multi-Approval] page and click [Confirm] to send an invitation Email to the member.

If you click [Cancel], the member won't receive the Email.



8. The invited member will receive a confirmation Email with the subject of [Invitation on Joining Withdrawal Multi-Approval] from CoinEx. You need to inform the member to check Email inbox and click [Reconfirm] in this Email to accept your invitation.



9. After clicking the [Join] button, the withdrawal approval member will be added successfully.


10. After you successfully add your withdrawal approval member, the operations of [withdrawal] and [adding API withdrawal whitelist address] will require Email confirmations by you and all members, otherwise they will not be completed.



Q: Can I add other users registered on CoinEx as withdrawal approval members?

A: Yes. The withdrawal approval member(s) can be CoinEx user(s) or non-CoinEx user(s). Please read the risk notice carefully before adding your approval member(s).


Q: How many withdrawal approval members can I invite?

A: Up to 5 members (excluding yourself).


Q: Can I delete the invited members?

A: Yes. You can delete the invited members when the invitation status is [Verifying] and [Joined]. In the [Verifying] status, you can delete the member directly as the invitation has not been confirmed yet, but it will require Email confirmation from the to-be-removed member when the status is [Joined].