What's Withdrawal Multi-Approval and How to Set it Up

What's Withdrawal Multi-Approval?

To enable account co-management and enhance asset security, CoinEx has added the function of withdrawal multi-approval.

After adding withdrawal approval Email to co-manage the account, all the operations of [withdrawal] and [adding API withdrawal whitelist address] will require Email confirmations by the approval members. Otherwise, the process will not be completed.


How to Add Withdrawal Approval Emails?

1. CoinEx official website (https://www.coinex.com) and log in to your account, choose [Account Settings] in the drop-down menu of [Account] on the upper right corner.



2. Navigate to [Security Settings] and click [Settings] on the right of Withdrawal Multi-Approval.



3. Click [Invitation on Joining Multi-Approval] and click [Got it] after reading the risk notice carefully.



4. Click [Add] to enter Nickname and Email address, then click [Confirm]. Depending on which 2FA tools you are using, enter SMS/TOTP code for verification. 



5. After 2FA is verified, the page will turn to [Waiting for Email confirmation] and you will receive a system email with the subject of [Confirmation on Withdrawal Multi-Approval]. If you do not receive the confirmation email, please click [Resend].



6. Confirm the approval member's Email address, and click [Reconfirm].


Note: For security purposes, the link is valid for ONLY 30 minutes. If you did not perform this action, please change your password immediately and submit a ticket.

7. Double confirm the approval member's Email address on the [Confirmation on Withdrawal Multi-Approval] page and click [Confirm] to send an invitation Email to the member.

If you click [Cancel], the member won't receive the Email.



8. The invited member will receive a confirmation Email with the subject of [Invitation on Joining Withdrawal Multi-Approval] from CoinEx. You need to inform the member to check Email inbox and click [Reconfirm] in this Email to accept your invitation.



9. After clicking the [Join] button, the withdrawal approval member will be added successfully.



10. After you successfully add your withdrawal approval member, the operations of [withdrawal] and [adding API withdrawal whitelist address] will require Email confirmations by you and all members, otherwise they will not be completed.



Q: Can I add other users registered on CoinEx as withdrawal approval members?

A: Yes. The withdrawal approval member(s) can be CoinEx user(s) or non-CoinEx user(s). Please read the risk notice carefully before adding your approval member(s).


Q: How many withdrawal approval members can I invite?

A: Up to 5 members (excluding yourself).


Q: Can I delete the invited members?

A: Yes. You can delete the invited members when the invitation status is [Verifying] and [Joined]. In the [Verifying] status, you can delete the member directly as the invitation has not been confirmed yet, but it will require Email confirmation from the to-be-removed member when the status is [Joined].