FAQ About Futures PNL% Ranking

What is Futures PNL% Ranking?

Futures PNL% Ranking is one of the exclusive ranking competitions launched by CoinEx Tradeboard. After signing up for the competition, you can trade in selected Futures market(s), and those who meet the requirements can participate in the PNL% ranking. At the end of each competition, traders with the highest PNL% will receive corresponding rewards.


How to Participate?

1. Log on to the CoinEx official website (https://www.coinex.com), and click [Promotion] - [Tradeboard] on the navigation bar.



2. Select the ongoing promotion on the Trade List to enter the promotion page, and click [Apply Now].

Note: If you couldn't apply, please check if your account meets the requirements.



3. After seeing the following message, you can trade in the selected market(s) to grab your rewards!





Q1: Why can't I sign up for the competition?

A1: The signing up requirements is different for each competition, such as "complete KYC verification", "VIP 1 and above", or "with no trading record in Futures market". Only users who meet the requirements can sign up, please refer to the promotion page for the specific requirements.


Q2: After signing up, can I get rewards for trading in any market?

A2: Rewards can only be obtained by trading in selected market(s). Please note that the selected market(s) for each competition may be different, please refer to the promotion page for details.


Q3: Is there any trading volume requirement for the competition?

A3: Yes, however the minimum trading volume requirement for each competition may be different, please refer to the promotion page for details.


Q4: Why can't I see my ranking on the promotion page?

A4: This situation may occur under these circumstances:

(1) You didn't log in to your account. Please log in and check again.

(2) You didn't sign up for the competition. Only the signed-up users can join the ranking.

(3) You didn't trade in the selected market(s).

(4) You didn't meet the minimum trading volume requirement for the competition.

(5) Trading before sign-up will not be counted. Only the trading made after successful signing up and within the specified time of the promotion will be counted.


Q5: How often is the ranking updated?

A5: The data is updated hourly.


Q6: How many rewards can I receive?

A6: After the competition, you can view your final ranking and estimated rewards on the promotion page. The final reward is subject to the actual distribution.


Q7: How is the PNL% calculated?

A7: PNL% = Cumulative income of all selected markets during the promotion / The sum of the historical maximum margin of selected market positions during the promotion * 100%

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