How to View Spot Order History and Asset History

How to view spot order history?

Method 1:

1. Visit CoinEx official website (, and log in to your account, choose [Exchange] on the navigation bar.


2. Choose [Spot Trading] and scroll down, then you can view the [Current Order] and [Order History].



(1) [Show current pair] is checked by default. If you want to view the orders in all markets, you can remove the checked status.

(2) If you need to cancel all the orders, you can click [Cancel All]. Please be sure to confirm if you want to cancel all orders of the current market/all markets.

(3) Click [More] and you can view all the [Spot Orders].


Method 2:

1. Choose [Spot Orders] in the drop-down menu of [Orders] in the upper right corner.


2. Click [Current Order] / [Order History] / [Execution History], select [Spot Trading] in [Trading Type]. Then you can select [Order Type], [Market], [Side], and [Time] to view the order history as needed.


How to view spot asset history?

1. Choose [History] in the drop-down menu of [Assets] in the upper right corner.


2. Click [Spot] and select [Assets], [Operation], [Time] to view the spot asset history as needed.