ST (Special Treatment) Warning Rules

According to CoinEx ST (Special Treatment) rules, the projects already listed on CoinEx may face special treatment and be marked as a risk warning. In this case, when a project violates certain CoinEx ST rules, there will be an ST label displayed on the crypto information and trading pages, pending for strict review during an observation period. If issues improve, the label can be removed. Otherwise, the project may be delisted.


CoinEx will regularly track and review all listings, and decide whether to add/remove ST labels based on the latest results of the following factors: 

Project and team related issues

1. If the project team, product and business model have undergone major changes, CoinEx must be notified for an overall review. If the changes are made independently without notifying CoinEx, we reserve the right to delist the project.

2. The project team has unethical and fraudulent behavior, such as false personal information of team founders, co-founders, advisors, etc., or is suspected of being involved in market manipulation, facing major legal issues and other legal problems.


Token-related issues

1. Lock-up tokens are not implemented according to the lock-up mechanism, and the usage is transferred without disclosure.

2. Abnormal additional issuance of project tokens.


Technology development and mainnet/smart contract related issues

1. No significant progress in products, no disclosure of any project progress on social media or official website for a long time, such as development progress, version updates, team dynamics, etc.

2. No updates to the code repository or low frequency of updates.

3. Security risks in the project mainnet, such as the mainnet being down for a long time or abnormal forks occur.


Community and operation related issues

1. Significant discrepancies in information disclosure, deceiving investors and trading platforms.

2. Website inaccessible, information chaotic, social media and community groups unattended for a long time.

3. Not responding to community doubts and inquiries.


Other issues

1. Other unethical and fraudulent or illegal behaviors.

2. Other circumstances deemed by CoinEx.

See CoinEx Delisting Criteria for details on delisting rules.