What is Margin Index Price

What is Margin Index Price?

CoinEx employs a unique Margin Index Price marking system to calculate the indexes (risk rate, etc.) in your Margin account.

The anticipatory mechanism of the system ensures the Index Price swings within an acceptable range when a drastic swing happens on any of the exchanges to avoid forced liquidation and protect your privileges.

The Index Price is determined by the weighted prices from a selection of mainstream crypto exchanges as follows. You can also see details on Index Price.




Huobi Global







About Index Price

1. The Index Price is updated every 5 seconds.

2. If there are no counterpart pairs in the quote coin on the selected exchange, CoinEx will calculate the exchange rate based on other existing trading pairs and include the price in CoinEx index price (for example, the price of LINK/BTC is calculated according to the prices of LINK/USDT and BTC/USDT).

3. In case any of the selected exchanges is down for maintenance or the last execution price and trading volume are not updated for a period of time (15 minutes), CoinEx will temporarily remove the exchange and even out the weights.



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