What is Margin Insurance Fund

What is Margin Insurance Fund? 

CoinEx holds a margin insurance fund to cover any losses from bankrupt positions. The fund comes from the liquidation fee collected by CoinEx and 30% of its crypto loan income. CoinEx reserves the rights for future use of the funds.


Margin Insurance Fund Coverage

In the event of forced liquidation, if the user is unable to repay debts due to negative margin account equity, CoinEx will use margin insurance fund to make up for the losses incurred.

When the insurance fund is not enough to cover the losses, CoinEx system will pay the remaining part in advance. In this case, users who are in debt will be restricted from withdrawal (access to trading will not be affected).

If you are in debt, you can transfer assets to margin account and the system will carry out the repayment automatically, or you can wait till the margin insurance fund is sufficient to pay off all debts in chronological order. After that, your access to withdrawal services will be resumed.


How to View Details of Margin Insurance Fund

Method 1: Click HERE to enter [Margin Insurance Fund] page, and select the crypto to check the details.



Method 2:

1. Visit CoinEx official website (https://www.coinex.com), log in to your account, and select [Exchange] in the top navigation bar.



2. Click the toggle bar icon in order placing area, and select [Insurance Fund] to continue.



3. Select the crypto to check the details of margin insurance fund.