Bind Non-CoinEx Address For VIP Fee Rate

How is it useful of binding a non-CoinEx address?
After binding a non-CoinEx address, you'll get a more competitive rate of being a VIP, as the system will calculate the CET holding amount from both your CoinEx account and the non-CoinEx address. 


How to bind ViaWallet address to CoinEx account?
1. Visit CoinEx website, log in to your account and click [Account Level] from the drop-down menu [Account] on the right-top corner. mceclip1.png

2. Click [Bind Non-CoinEx Address] on the account level page. mceclip2.png

3. Click [Copy] to copy the message into the pasteboard.mceclip3.png

4. Open ViaWallet APP, click [Wallet] on the bottom, and then click CET coin.


5. After entering the page, click the button on the left bottom.


6. Click [Message Signature].


7. Paste the message of that in "step 3" here, and click [Submit].


8. Enter your security password (or use face ID) and click [Confirm]

9. Copy [Address] and [Signature] into the pasteboard.

10. Enter the page of "Bind non-CoinEx Address" in your CoinEx account, paste the [Address] and [Signature] of "step 9" to the corresponding position, and then click [Verify and Bind] to complete.mceclip1.png

11. Check the Bound history on the same page. Click [Unbind] and [Confirm] if you want to unbind your address.
Note: You can at most bind 5 non-CoinEx addresses.mceclip11.png