Bind Non-CoinEx Address for VIP Fee Rate

What is the benefit to bind non-CoinEx addresses? 

After binding a non-CoinEx address, you'll get a more competitive fee rate for being a VIP, as the system will calculate the CET holding amount from both your CoinEx account and the non-CoinEx address. 


How to bind the ViaWallet address to CoinEx account?

1. Visit CoinEx official website (, log in to your account, and select [Account Settings] under [Account] in the top-right corner.


2. Click [CoinEx Users] on the account setting page. 


3. Click the [Bind Non-CoinEx Address] on the VIP Level page


4. Click [Copy] to copy the [Message].


5. Open ViaWallet APP, and tap [CET] on [Wallet] page.


6. Tap [More] on the top right. 


7. Select [Message Signature].


8. Paste the message from "step 4", then click [Submit].


9. Enter your security password (or use face ID) and tap [Confirm]. 


10. Copy [Address] and [Signature] to the pasteboard.

11. Return to the address binding page, paste the [Address] and [Signature] in the correct box, and click [Verify and Bind] to complete.


12. Check the Bound history on the same page. If you need to unbind the address, please click [Unbind] and then [Confirm].

Note: You can bind 5 non-CoinEx addresses at most.


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