How to Prevent Phishing Attacks

There have been multiple phishing cases recently, and it is not uncommon for fraudsters to fake CoinEx customer support on Telegram. The fraudsters usually lie that they can help the victims retrieve security tools such as 2FA, thereby defrauding the victim's CoinEx account information. After users provide their private information to fraudsters, their accounts are stolen, resulting in asset loss that cannot be recovered.


What is Phishing Attack?

Phishing attacks are a method of fraud that is mainly spread and implemented on the Internet. Taking advantage of people's psychological weaknesses such as instinct, curiosity, trust, and greed, fraudsters will fake CoinEx through malicious links or software to steal the victims' account username, password, 2FA and other sensitive information, thereby stealing users' assets. Common phishing attacks include:

  • Impersonated CoinEx customer support on chat tools such as Telegram

  • Fake CoinEx website/App

  • Fake CoinEx email

  • Fake CoinEx SMS (with link)

  • Fake CoinEx customer service numbers/links on the web

  • Free Wi-Fi phishing


How to prevent phishing attacks?

1. Do not trust anyone who contacts you and attempts to obtain your account information.

CoinEx will not chat with you first through chat tools. All CoinEx official contact channels (eg. Telegram, Email) can be verified via CoinEx - Official Verification Channel.

2. Do not log in to your CoinEx account through other websites.

Download CoinEx App through official channels ( to log in to your account.

3. Do not click on any unknown links.

No links will be attached to messages sent by CoinEx official SMS channel.

4. Install firewall and anti-virus software to keep the online environment safe.

When your mobile phone is connected to an unsafe Wi-Fi, your private information, including account username, password, and other sensitive data will be leaked.


Anti-phishing attacks require the joint efforts of you and CoinEx

1. Strengthen your prevention awareness and improve discrimination. Pay attention to information protection, and do not give out private account information to others.

2. After being infected by phishing emails/Trojans, it is necessary to modify the login password and 2FA in time, cut off the network connection of the infected device, and conduct a comprehensive antivirus.

3. If your account is hacked, or your assets are lost, etc., please contact CoinEx Official Customer Support for assistance immediately.



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