How to Prevent Malware

Malware is usually disguised as common software and embedded in your devices, stealing personal information or locking up devices.

To protect your device from malware, please refer to the following measures:

  1. Please use CoinEx official website (, or download the CoinEx APP through CoinEx official channels.
  2. Do not download and install unknown software on your device. Do not click unknown links and avoid visiting unofficial websites.
  3. Do not click links in unfamiliar Emails/text messages/messages and unknown files to avoid device contamination and asset losses.
  4. Install trustworthy antivirus software and enable auto-update to avoid potential security vulnerabilities. Also, keep your device's operating system up to date.
  5. Please log in to your account carefully when using public WiFi, and do not log in to your accounts on public equipment with security risks.
  6. Use a browser with incognito mode to block information tracking and potential network viruses to enhance browsing security.