How to Report Stolen Cryptos Transferred to CoinEx

If your crypto assets are stolen due to hacking, fraud or phishing, and have been transferred to the CoinEx, we will provide corresponding assistance based on the specific situations and transaction records.


1. If according to on-chain transaction records, the assets were transferred directly from the source account to CoinEx, please submit a ticket and provide the necessary information below:

(1) A detailed description of how and when the event happened.

(2) Blockchain links (clickable) of all transactions involved during the process.

(3) A handwritten statement declaring that all information provided is true, valid and without fabrication of facts, slandering others, etc.

In addition, please register a CoinEx account and complete ID verification.

If the evidence is established and the stolen assets remain on CoinEx, we will temporarily freeze the assets.


2. If according to on-chain transaction records, the assets were transferred to CoinEx in 2 or more transactions, CoinEx may not be able to determine their ownership. In this case, please contact law enforcement officials for further assistance. Please refer to the Law Enforcement Request Guide for more details.

After receiving the law enforcement request, CoinEx will directly cooperate with law enforcement agencies and help with your investigation.


3. If according to the blockchain transaction records, the assets were already transferred from CoinEx, please contact the final receiving platform for assistance. If you need any assistance from CoinEx to provide relevant transaction information, please contact law enforcement agencies, and request law enforcement agencies to submit a formal request.