What's Confirmation

What is Confirmation?

In the blockchain industry, confirmation refers to the process where a transaction is validated by the network and included in a block on the blockchain, and the block confirmation number represents how many blocks a transaction is included in. Once a transaction has been included in one block, it receives 1 confirmation. Usually, the more confirmations received, the more irreversible the transaction is.

Each crypto has a different block time and different confirmation requirements. Therefore, how long your transaction takes depends on network conditions.


How to Check the Required Confirmations for Deposit and Withdrawal?

1. Log in to CoinEx official website (https://www.coinex.com), and click [Deposit] under [Assets].



2. Check the required confirmations for deposit and withdrawal in the [Attention] section on the right side of the [Deposit] page.



How to Check the Confirmation after the Deposit was Made?

After making the deposit, you may click the TXID at [Last 5 Deposit Records] on the bottom of the [Deposit] page or in the [Deposit Records] section to check the real-time confirmation(s). If the confirmation on-chain hasn't reached the required number, please stay patient. Your deposit will be credited after it receives enough confirmation(s).




Note: If your deposit is not credited to your account after receiving enough confirmations, please submit a ticket to contact us and describe your issue in detail.



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