What's a Smart Contract

A smart contract is like any other contract, in which the participants of the contract reach an agreement and promise to execute it. But unlike a traditional contract, a smart contract is a digital contract stored on a blockchain that can be automatically executed when predetermined terms and conditions are met. 

A smart contract refers to a paragraph of code that is deployed on a shareable and reproducible ledger. It can not only maintain its own state, control its own assets and respond to received external information or assets, but also process information, receive, store and send value.

Furthermore, a smart contract is a participant, a completely trustworthy component that secures your assets while strictly executing the actions required by the predetermined contract clauses. Once a smart contract is set up, it will be executed automatically when certain conditions are met, without any intermediary’s involvement, and no one can stop it from running.


Does CoinEx support withdrawing to smart contract addresses?

CoinEx now supports withdrawing to smart contract addresses, but if assets are lost due to the wrong withdrawal address, CoinEx will not be able to find them back for you. Please be careful when withdrawing.