How to Reset/Retrieve Login Password

If you forget the login password, you may reset it through the following two entrances.

1. When you are not logged in
Go to CoinEx website, click [Log in] in the right-top corner.
Click [Forgot Password] after entering the [Log in] page.mceclip1.png

2. When you are already logged in:
Go to CoinEx website, log in to your account, and click [Account Settings] from the [Account] menu in the upper right corner.
mceclip3.pngClick [Reset] on the page of [Account Settings].mceclip4.png

After entering the page of Reset Password, please continue the following steps to reset your login password.
(1) Enter your bound email address, and then click [Next].mceclip2.png
(2) Get and enter the Email Verification Code, then click [Next].

(3) Enter a new password and re-enter it for confirming, then click [Confirm].
Note: Please set a high strong password combining uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and characters, and keep your password safe.