How to Reset/Change Mobile Number

How to reset mobile number if it‘s unavailable?

1. Visit CoinEx official website (, click [Log In] at the top right to enter your email and password, then click [Security authentication unavailable?] on 2FA page.



2. Choose [Mobile unavailable, apply to reset] in the pop-up window, and click [Confirm reset] to enter the [Reset Mobile Verification] page.

Note: You can also click HERE to visit the [Reset Mobile Verification] page directly.



3. Read the [Reset instructions], tick the agreement checkbox, and click [Confirm reset].



4. Enter your email and password, then click [Next].

Note: If you forget your password, please refer to How to Reset Login Password.



5. Obtain and enter the email verification code, and click [Next].



6. After verification, you will need to answer security questions or submit documents for review.

Option 1: Answer security questions

(1) Read the reminder carefully, and click [Start now].



(2) There are 4 questions related to your account. Each question has one or more correct answers. Please choose the correct answers based on your account details.



(3) If your answers are all correct, your mobile will be reset successfully. Click [Back] to log in to your account and rebind mobile ASAP.



(4) If you fail to answer all the questions correctly, you can choose [Continue] to answer the questions or [Submit documents] for review.



(5) If you have used up 3 chances, you can only submit documents to reset your mobile number. Please click [Continue] to submit documents.



Option 2: Submit documents

(1) KYC account: Upload a selfie photo of you holding your ID and a handwritten statement

a. The statement should include the phrase "Apply to reset Mobile on CoinEx" and the application date.

b. Ensure your full face and shoulders are within the frame, and all texts on your ID are fully visible.



(2) Non-KYC account & no deposit/withdrawal records: Upload CoinEx historical email screenshots

a. Screenshots of historical emails sent from CoinEx, LIMITED to notifications on successful signup and successful login.

b. The screenshot should include your email address and the email body.



(3) Non-KYC account with deposit/withdrawal records: Upload CoinEx historical email screenshots and transaction screenshots from the counterparty

a. Screenshots of historical emails sent from CoinEx sent from CoinEx

  • LIMITED to notifications on deposits, withdrawals, and successful signup or login.
  • The screenshot should include your email address and the email body

b. Transaction screenshots from the counterparty

  • For deposits to CoinEx, take a screenshot from the App or website where you SENT the funds.
  • For withdrawals from CoinEx, take a screenshot from the App or website where you RECEIVED the funds.
  • Crypto name, amount, transaction address and TXID should be included in the screenshot.
  • Screenshots taken from email inbox or block explorer will NOT be accepted.



1. For account security, withdrawal will be suspended for 24 hours after resetting mobile number.

2. Mobile phone verification will be disabled after reset. To secure your assets, please rebind mobile ASAP.


How to change mobile number? 

1. Visit CoinEx official website (, log in to your account, and select [Settings] under [Account] in the top-right corner. 



2. In [Account Verification] section, click [Change] on the right of [Mobile].



3. Click [Continue] to proceed to the next step if you are sure about changing the settings.



4. Obtain and enter the [Email verification code] and [SMS code] to verify your account, then click [Next].



5. Choose [Country code] and fill in a new [Mobile number].



6. Slide to complete the pattern verification, get and enter the 6-digit [SMS code], then click [Next].




7. Mobile number is changed successfully after the above steps.