How to Reset/Change TOTP

How to reset TOTP if it is unavailable?

1. Visit CoinEx official website (, click [Log In] at the top-right to enter your email and password, then click [Didn't get code?] on 2FA page.



2. On [Reset Security Authentication] page, choose [TOTP unavailable, apply to reset], then click [Confirm] to enter the reset page;

Or you can click HERE to visit the page directly.



3. Read and confirm the [Reset Instructions], then click [Confirm reset].



4. Enter your email and password, and click [Next].

Note: If you forget your password, please refer to How to Reset/Retrieve Login Password.



5. Get and enter the email verification code, then click [Next].



6. After verification, you will be asked to answer security questions or submit documents for manual review.

Option 1: Answer security questions

(1) Read the reminder carefully, and click [Start now].



(2) There are 4 questions related to your account. Each question has one or multiple correct answers. Please choose the correct answers based on your account.


(3) If your answers are all correct, your TOTP will be reset successfully. Click [Back] to log in to your account and rebind TOTP ASAP.



(4) If you fail to answer all the questions correctly, you can choose [Continue] to answer the questions or [Submit documents] for manual review.



(5) If you have used up 3 chances, you can only submit documents to reset TOTP through manual review. Please click [Continue] to submit documents.



Option 2: Submit documents

(1) KYC verified: Upload a selfie photo of you holding the ID document and a hand-written statement

a. The statement should include the text "Apply to reset TOTP on CoinEx" and the application date.

b. Please include your face and shoulders in the photo, and make sure all text in your ID document is fully visible.



(2) KYC unverified and no deposit/withdrawal records: Upload CoinEx historical email screenshots

Screenshots of historical Email notifications sent to you by CoinEx, LIMITED to notifications on successful signup and successful login (Email body should be included).



(3) KYC unverified but have deposit/withdrawal records: Upload CoinEx historical email screenshots and transaction screenshots from the counterparty

a. Screenshots of historical Email notifications sent to you by CoinEx

  • LIMITED to notifications on deposits, withdrawals, and successful signup or login.
  • The email body should be included in the screenshot.

b. Transaction screenshots from the counterparty

  • For deposits to CoinEx, please take a screenshot from the App or website where you SENT the funds.
  • For withdrawals from CoinEx, please take a screenshot from the App or website where you RECEIVED the funds.
  • Crypto name, amount, transaction time and TXID should be included in the screenshot.
  • Screenshots taken from email inbox or block explorer will NOT be accepted.



1. For account security, the withdrawal function will be suspended for 24 hours after resetting TOTP.

2. TOTP will be disabled after reset. To secure your assets, please rebind TOTP ASAP.


How to change TOTP?

1. Visit CoinEx official website (, log in to your account, and select [Account Settings] under [Account] in the top-right corner.


2. In [Account Verification] section, click [Change] on the right of [TOTP].


3. Click [Continue] to proceed to the next step if you are sure about changing the settings.


4. Obtain and enter the [Email verification code] and [TOTP code] to verify your account, then click [Next].


5. Open Google Authenticator App, tap [+] at the bottom-right, then select [Scan a QR code] or select [Enter a setup key] to input the 32-digit key manually.

Note: Please back up the secret key properly and keep it offline.



6. Enter the 6-digit [TOTP code] for the newly-added account, then click [Next].


7. TOTP is changed successfully after the above steps.



1. CoinEx will not back up your secret key. Please back up the key properly and keep it safe.

2. To avoid login troubles caused by GA code, please think twice before you uninstall Google Authenticator.

3. For account safety, please do not share any details of your security tools with anyone.