How to Reset/Change TOTP Authenticator

How to reset TOTP if it is unavailable?

1. Visit the CoinEx website, click [Didn't get code?] after entering the account and login password. Then choose [TOTP unavailable, apply to reset] and click [Confirm].

You can also click HERE to reach the [Reset TOTP Verify] page.

2. Read and check the "Reset instructions" carefully, and click [Confirm reset].mceclip15.png

3. Enter your account and login password respectively, and click [Next] after confirmation. 
Note: If you lose your password, please refer to How to Reset/Retrieve Login Password.

4. Get and enter the email verification code, and click [Next].mceclip17.png5. After completing the verification, you will be asked to answer security questions or submit account-relative material to reset TOTP. 

Answer security questions:

Read "Attention" carefully,  and click [Start now].mceclip18.png
There are 4 questions related to your account. The answer is either singular-choice or multiple-choice. Please choose the correct answers based on your account.

If your answers are all correct, your TOTP will be reset successfully. Click [Back] to log in to your account and rebind TOTP immediately.
mceclip20.pngIf you fail to answer all the questions correctly, you can choose [Continue] to answer the questions again or [Submit documents] for manual review. mceclip0.png

If you have used up to 3 chances, you can only reset TOTP through manual review. Please click [Continue] to submit documents for manual review. mceclip1.png

Submit documents:

Submit the required information to reset TOTP and the request will be manually reviewed within 72 hours.

(1) KYC verified:
Upload a photo of your handholding ID document and hand-written statement
    ▪ Application content: Apply to reset TOTP on CoinEx, Application date.
    ▪ Please make sure to show your face, arms, and ID document.


(2) KYC unverified:

a. Upload historical notification screenshots on CoinEx

Screenshots of historical Email/SMS notifications sent to you by CoinEx, LIMITED to signup record, login records, deposit, and withdrawal notifications.

Note: Please make sure the whole email content is shown on the screenshot clearly.

b. Upload screenshots of historical deposit or withdrawal records from other platforms

If there is a deposit/withdrawal record in your account, a relative historical withdrawal or deposit record taken from the third party is needed. The screenshot must include Coin type, coin amount, and time. (For the deposit to CoinEx from Platform A, the withdrawal record on Platform A is required; for withdrawal from CoinEx to Platform B, the deposit record on Platform B is required.)

Note: The screenshot taken from inbox or explorer is NOT acceptable.



1. For your account security, the withdrawal function will be suspended within 24 hours.
2. Your TOTP will be unbound after resetting successfully. Please rebind TOTP to your account immediately to avoid any loss.


How to change TOTP?

1. Visit the CoinEx website, log in to your account and then click [Account Settings] from the menu of [Account] in the top-right corner.mceclip21.png2. Click [Change] on the right of [TOTP Authentication] at the [Security Settings] section. mceclip22.png3. Get and enter the SMS/TOTP code, and then click [Next].

4. Get and enter the email verification code, and then click [Next].

5. Open the Authenticator App on your phone, click [+] in the right corner, and then click [Scan barcode] to scan the QR code or [Manual entry] to enter the 16-digit private key.

Note: CoinEx highly suggests that you back up the private key in a secure way. For example, you can write down your private key on a paper and keep it safe.

6. Enter Google Authenticator code and click [Next] to finish TOTP resetting.

Note: The withdrawal service will be suspended for 24 hours after the TOTP is reset successfully.


For the security of your account assets and a better user experience, these tips should be noted:

1. CoinEx will not back up your private key. Please back up and save the private key of the Google Authenticator carefully.
2. Do not uninstall the Google Authenticator at will so as to avoid inconvenience due to the inability to receive the GA Code.
3. Do not leak your security tools information to any third parties.