What's Anti-Phishing Code and How to Set it Up

What is Anti-phishing Code?

The anti-phishing code is a security feature, including a unique set of letters and numbers.

After a personalized anti-phishing code is enabled, it will appear in every legitimate email you receive from CoinEx, so that you can easily identify the source of these received Emails to prevent phishing scams, and enhance account security.

If the Email shows an incorrect code or doesn't have a code, please contact CoinEx Support immediately. This Email might be an attempt to steal your personal information, and with the anti-phishing code, you'll be able to identify genuine CoinEx emails.

The Anti-Phishing Code is highly sensitive personal information; under no circumstances should you share it with anyone, including CoinEx officials and customer support.


How to Set Up Anti-phishing Code?

1. Visit CoinEx official website (https://www.coinex.com), log in to your account and click [Account Settings] from the menu of [Account] in the top-right corner.



2. Find out the [Security Settings] section, and then click [Settings] on the right of [Anti-phishing Code].



3. Get and enter the Email verification code, and then click [Next].



4. Set a customized anti-phishing code, and then click [Next].


Note: Anti-phishing code contains 4 to 20 characters with uppercase letters, lowercase letters and numbers. It is recommended that you set an anti-phishing code that can be easily identified by you.


5. After the anti-phishing code is enabled, this customized code will be displayed in all the Email sent by CoinEx official account.


Note: Keep the anti-phishing code to yourself only, and don't even share it with CoinEx Customer Service.